Do You Think You Might Have a Drinking Problem?

alcohol rehab in Wilmington NCA person struggling with alcohol addiction can look like anyone. It could be your neighbor, your sister, your best friend, or you. Sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference between someone who drinks socially and someone who has a real dependency on alcohol, especially if you think you might be the one with the problem.

At Legacy Freedom of Wilmington, we know it’s usually not one behavior that defines an alcoholic, but several actions that occur repeatedly. If you answer yes to the majority of the questions below, then it’s time to find alcohol rehab in Wilmington NC. Keep reading to learn more about how drinking may be affecting your life.

  • Do you say you’re going to quit drinking but never do? If you constantly have negative experiences while you’re drinking, or you wake up with a bad hangover and vow to never drink again but do it anyway, then it may be a problem.
  • Does your social life revolve around drinking? If you don’t enjoy social activities unless you have a drink in your hand, it might be time to evaluate your relationship with alcohol. If you secretly drink before doing activities that don’t involve drinking, then it’s definitely a cause for concern.
  • Do you turn to drinking for more and more reasons, like to deal with stress or disappointment, or when you’re bored, or when you’re celebrating? If every reason is a reason to drink, whether it’s a happy event or if it’s because you’re feeling down, then you may be too dependent on alcohol.
  • Do you have blackouts? When you drink heavily over a short period of time, you can have episodes of short-term amnesia. If you’re not able to recall events that happened during and after drinking due to blackouts, then you may have a problem with binge drinking.
  • Do you regret things you’ve said or done while intoxicated? Drinking can cause changes in your personality and behavior. If they’re extreme and cause you to say or do things that you wouldn’t normally do, or worse, if it causes you to do harmful things to yourself or loved ones, then you have a drinking problem.
  • Have you had more than one driving violation associated with drinking? Putting yourself and others at risk multiple times because of your drinking is a sign that it’s getting out of control.
  • Are you having trouble at work or school, or having problems with relationships as a result of drinking? When your drinking extends beyond having fun or hanging out with friends and starts to affect the rest of your life, then you may have a drinking problem.

If you answered yes to most of these questions, it’s time to get help. Legacy Freedom of Wilmington is an accredited, experienced alcohol rehab center that offers a holistic approach to substance abuse treatment. We create customized plans based on your needs so that you can recover fully from your dependency on alcohol.

Remember that medical alcohol detox may be necessary before you begin your treatment program. We have a highly trained staff of counselors to ensure that you will be safely detoxed from alcohol. Then you will be ready to start your customized program and get on the road to recovery.

Holistic Alcohol Rehab in Wilmington NC | Legacy Freedom

Is your drinking getting out of hand? Is it affecting other parts of your life? If you want to stop feeling as if you’re spiraling out of control, contact our center for alcohol rehab in Wilmington NC - Legacy Freedom. We know there’s not a single plan that works for everyone, so we personalize our substance abuse treatment services to meet your needs. It's about real recovery from addiction, not just a 12-step, one-size-fits-all approach. Call us today.

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