Does Your Teenager Have an Addiction Problem?

drug rehab in Wilmington NCIf you think your son or daughter has a problem with drugs or alcohol, you need to find help from a caring and supportive rehab facility like Legacy Freedom Treatment Center of Wilmington. Our staff has experience working with adolescents and their families in order to provide the best substance abuse treatment available.

You may have noticed unusual behavior in your teen that led you to believe he or she has a drug or alcohol problem. There are physical warning signs to look for such as bloodshot or red eyes, nosebleeds, changes in appetite, weight loss, and changes in sleeping patterns. Your teen may have lost interest in school or extracurricular activities. He or she may have stopped hanging out with longtime friends and joined a new crowd.  The mood swings your teen experiences may go beyond typical teenager outbursts. As a parent, you know when something isn't right and it’s up to you to find out what’s going on and get help for your teen.

Research from the Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment has found that teenagers who get help are less likely to become chronic substance abusers as adults. We know that treating a teenager for a drug or alcohol abuse problem is different than treating an adult. Our staff realizes that understanding their situation and what triggers them to turn to drugs or alcohol will be the key to a successful recovery.

All of our plans for alcohol and drug rehab in Wilmington NC are customized to the individual. This is especially important when helping adolescents overcome their addictions. We review their personal history, physical and mental health, and other factors that may have played a part in why they started using drugs or drinking. It’s important to tackle all of the issues surrounding their addiction in order to prevent relapse in the future.

We use what we've learned about them and their situation to create a treatment plan that encompasses all aspects of recovery. We offer counseling and group therapy to help them learn how to deal with their emotions without turning to drugs or alcohol. We also offer several physical therapies that allow them to get out aggression or build confidence through positive risk taking. Some of our other alternative therapies include working with horses, yoga, sound therapy and meditation. We know that all of our options won't suit every teenager, but we've had success in matching our patients with therapies that are beneficial to their recovery but also enjoyable to them.

The goal of all of our programs is to help your teen understand his or her urges and find ways to cope with them.  We want to equip them with the tools they need to stop using drugs or drinking and begin adulthood as a sober, healthier, happier person.

Specialized Drug Rehab in Wilmington NC for Teens

Do you want to get help for your son or daughter? Call us at Legacy Freedom of Wilmington today to talk with one of our admissions counselors about your situation. We have experience dealing with young adults who are struggling with addiction and can help you get your child on the road to recovery. We offer customized drug rehab in Wilmington NC that works well for teenagers. Our programs are outpatient, so your son or daughter won't have to leave to school in order to get help. You won't find a better rehab program for teens. Call us now.

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