Why Didn’t Rehab Work?

substance abuse treatment centers in wilmington NCRehab may not work the first time. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t work in general, or that the person dealing with addiction is a hopeless case. A number of factors may have contributed to why the program didn’t help.

Let’s take a look at a few of the reasons why it may not have worked. If you're searching for outpatient substance abuse treatment centers in NC, look no further! Legacy Freedom Treatment Centers can help you. Call today for more information.

Reasons Rehab Doesn't Work

The addict has misconceptions about rehab.
Sometimes people think that a 28 or 30-day program will cure them of their addiction. That’s not how it works. Recovery from a substance abuse problem is a lifelong process. The right type of program will explain that before an addict even enters. Someone who expects rehab to be a magic cure is setting themselves up for failure. Expectations need to be realistic, and an experienced counselor at a reputable treatment center will be able to explain that.contact-us-button

The addict was forced into a program.
A person has to enter rehab with a willingness to change. If someone is forced into a treatment program because of a court order or family, he or she will likely fight the process the whole time. A person needs to be motivated to take the steps necessary to give up drugs or alcohol.

The addict is fearful of the stigma of getting help.
There is still a big stigma surrounding getting help for a drug or alcohol abuse problem. An addict may feel they will be viewed as weak or sick. Or they may be ashamed to admit they need help. When they enter a program, they may only work at it halfheartedly. If it is an outpatient program, they may not fully engage in it, miss sessions or make excuses as to why they can’t go.

The addict doesn’t have a support system.
It’s important for someone in treatment to have a support system available. Often that can be found in group therapy sessions or through a mentorship program.  After treatment is over, he or she may not have as strong of a system in place with family or friends. Ideally, someone can form connections with people while in rehab and continue to meet with them afterwards, but that’s not always the case. When someone is out of treatment and working on their recovery alone, it can be a threat to their sobriety.

The addict has been in rehab before.
Addiction recovery is a process, regardless of where you go for help, and has many of the same basic elements. Someone who has been in and out of rehab may know how it works, and may have lost faith in it. They may feel that they are just another case being handled in the same way as everyone else. He or she may feel like it won’t work for them because it didn’t in the past. They may start telling the counselor what they want to hear in order to get through it even though they don’t believe what they are saying.

There are many other reasons why someone may feel like rehab didn’t work for them. The treatment process is a personal journey that should be created to meet the needs of the person. If you or your loved one has tried other programs without success, don’t give up. There is a program out there that can work.

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