When Marijuana Looks Like Candy

substance abuse treatment centers in wilmington NCEdibles are becoming more popular and easier to find now that recreational marijuana is legal in five states and 23 states allow it for medical use. These food items contain marijuana or hash oil.

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Marijuana Candy

Some of the items manufactured include brownies, cookies, cake, crackers, candy bars, gum, lollipops and gummy bears. In states with legal marijuana available, edibles can be found in retail stores. Sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference between a regular item and one that has marijuana in it because some manufacturers use logos similar to popular brands.

One company has a butter that’s infused with marijuana. The label says, “I Can’t Believe It’s Pot Butter,” which is a play on the name of a brand of butter called “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter.”

Some states have already banned companies form using copycat logos because they fear that children won’t know the difference or get the joke.

Labels for sweet treats also often contain the word “candy” which is why some states are considering banning the word from those products. Colorado, where marijuana is available for recreational use, is one of the states asking for legislation requiring that a red stop sign with “THC” inside be put on packages of edibles.

They had previously tried to have a marijuana leaf symbol on packaging, but parents complained that it may attract children instead of keeping them from eating the product.
Parents and legislators want to keep edibles out of the hands of children, who may not realize they are eating candy or baked goods laced with marijuana. A hospital in Colorado has seen an increase in visits from children who had eaten products with marijuana in them, according to a recent study.

People who are against the proposed regulation, including companies who manufacturer edibles, say that it sends the message that marijuana is bad.  They believe that childproof packaging and clear labels are enough to keep kids away from it.

Rather than a stop sign, one of the manufacturers suggested using a circle with the letters “THC”.

Package labeling is also a concern. Most packages outline how many doses are in a serving but it is not always followed. Some believe edibles lead to overdose more than smoking marijuana. The effects of eating something with marijuana takes about 30 minutes, so some people may get impatient and eat more. This can result in effects that are stronger than they had expected.

There have been cases in California where kids have brought edibles to school and shared them with friends. In one case, the kids were hospitalized after eating a marijuana brownie.

Parents who use marijuana for medical purposes or recreationally in states where it’s legal need to be more careful with how they store their drugs. Education is also key in preventing children from trying edibles. While they may look like candy, it’s important for kids to understand that it’s not the kind of candy they are allowed to eat.

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