Wealth and Mental Illness

Asheville, NC Depression TreatmentHave you ever heard the old saying that money doesn't buy you happiness? In certain cases, this is very true. There are various types of mental disorders, including depression, that are linked to having wealth. In fact, a new study shows that there's a high correlation between wealth and mental illness. For Asheville, NC depression treatment you can trust, call Legacy Freedom.

The study was published in Psychology and Psychotherapy: Theory, Research and Practice.

Sheri Johnson, PhD, professor and psychologist at the University of California Berkeley and lead author of the study says, “We found that it is important to consider the motivation to pursue power, beliefs about how much power one has attained, pro-social and aggressive strategies for attaining power, and emotions related to attaining power. This is the first study to assess the dominance behavioral system across psychopathologies. The findings present more evidence that it is important to consider dominance in understanding vulnerability to psychological symptoms.”

The study was done with a little over 600 men and women. They were rated on the following:

  • comfort with leadership
  • degree of pride
  • depression
  • drive to achieve power
  • manic tendency
  • social status
  • tendency for anxiety

Many people assume that having wealth equates to being happy. You're able to buy the things you want and need, give to others and have a great life, free of worry about finances. However, as you can see within this study, those who are wealthy can be more likely to experience depression, anxiety and other mental illnesses that keep them from enjoying their wealth.

Johnson also states that “People prone to depression or anxiety reported feeling little sense of pride in their accomplishments and little sense of power. In contrast, people at risk for mania tended to report high levels of pride and an emphasis on the pursuit of power despite interpersonal costs.”

We hope this information helps you understand the link between wealth and mental illness. There's no reason you can't enjoy life without anxiety and stress or depression. Call now to learn how to fight these conditions with alternative therapy from Legacy Freedom.

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