Unplug from Work Like a CEO

Therapist in Charlotte, NCWhether you're guilty of checking your email in the middle of the night or you missed your child singing in the pageant because you stepped out to take an after-hours phone call, more and more people are having trouble unplugging from work. Thanks to smartphones you can work from virtually anywhere. While technology makes it easy for you to log on and fix a quick issue or fire off an email response while you wait in line at the grocery store, finding a way to unplug from work is essential. In fact, unplugging is so crucial that some of the world's wealthiest CEOs find ways to do it daily. If you need therapist in Charlotte, NC for 2018, please call Legacy Freedom.

Unplugging from Work

Here are some of the ways that top CEOs unplug from work:

eBay CEO, John Donahoe: An advocate for taking one day off every three months to completely disconnect and refocus your energy on work, Donahoe uses this time to map out strategies for the company. He also makes time to take a full two-week vacation where he completely disconnects.

The Energy Project CEO and Author, Tony Schwartz: The secret to his success is found in his vacations that last longer than two weeks. The CEO has been heard explaining his lengthy vacations bring him a sense of peace, a quieter brain, and a renewed sense of focus.

HelloSociety CEO, Kyla Brennan: Balancing a successful digital marketing agency and a personal life that doesn't revolve around work helps Brennan stay fresh. She regularly makes time to go hiking, spend afternoons on the beach, and unwind in ways that don't involve her talking about what she does on a day-to-day basis.

If a long vacation isn't in the cards for you, but you need to find ways to unplug from work and reduce the stress and anxiety you feel, here are some ways that CEOs step away for a little breather each day:

Meditation: More than one CEO uses meditation as a way to clear their head and settle their thoughts. Staying mentally healthy is just as important as staying physically healthy and taking the time to be present and focused on your thoughts each day can help you identify and address the sources of your stress and anxiety. Many CEOs reported that they find the answers to tough problems while they are clearing their minds for meditation.

Learn Something New: Challenging your brain to think differently or to focus on something that you've never done before can be a great way to relieve stress or interrupt anxiety.

Combine Something You Enjoy with Something Tedious: Schedule long calls for a time when you can get out of the office and sit in a park, take a walk, or run errands. Getting out in the middle of the day can help you feel like you're doing something you enjoy even though you're working.

Turn Off Your Phone and Your Brain: Find activities that you can do without your phone in your hand. Unplugging for a few hours to take a yoga class, cook a meal, or spend time with friends or family won't have a significant impact on your business even though you may feel like they will. Resting and feeling fulfilled is essential to maintaining a healthy work/life balance.

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