Understanding Loneliness

Columbus mental health treatmentDid you know that loneliness and being alone are two different things? While some people choose to live alone or work in an environment where they do not often interact with people, being lonely refers to the feeling of not being part of the world despite having contact with others or being in a relationship. Loneliness can cause people to develop depression and anxiety. Those who struggle with loneliness often retreat into prolonged isolation. If you're in need of affordable Columbus mental health treatment, call Legacy Freedom for help.

How and Why Are We Lonely?

Numerous factors play into feelings of loneliness. By nature, human beings are social creatures. Most of us feel the need to have meaningful relationships and seek out social contact. However, when this need isn't meant, people find themselves yearning for the closeness of these relationships and feeling alone. Personal circumstances like the end of a relationship or the breakdown of a relationship can make a person feel lonely. Other instances that cause people to feel lonely include being excluded from social activities, the loss of someone close to them, moving to a new area, being a single parent, experiencing physical or sexual abuse, enduring discrimination based on age, sexuality or health conditions, and comparing themselves to others.

If the cause for the loneliness doesn't come from external factors that involve other people or social situations, a deep and prolonged sense of loneliness can come from internal reasons. Internal loneliness will persist regardless of how many friends they have or what social situation they are in. A deep sense of loneliness can be the result of a wide variety of factors. Low self-esteem, feeling unloved or uncared for as a child, judging oneself as less or unimportant, avoiding social situations or being alone, substance abuse or dependency, and minimizing social interactions all lead to profound feelings of internal loneliness.

Getting to the root of your feelings of loneliness is crucial. At Legacy Freedom, we combine traditional talk therapy with alternative treatment methods to help you understand your feelings of loneliness and learn positive ways to cope with them. For thousands of clients, this combination of therapy methods has proven successful.

Best Columbus Mental Health Treatment

You are not alone in your loneliness. Everyone feels this way at some point in their lives. Developing ways to manage and cope with these feelings is essential to restoring yourself to good mental health. Getting started with compassionate and confidential mental health care is easy. Call or click to connect with our care team today and learn more about how Legacy Freedom approaches Columbus mental health treatment.

We know that it is difficult to ask for help or admit that you are struggling. Our care team is ready to help you transition from a place of crisis and chaos to a journey of healing. Face your loneliness head-on and take back control now. Stop waiting and start healing with Legacy Freedom today!

Join us next time for more on loneliness and how to manage it.

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