More Travel Tips for Those with Bipolar Disorder

Wilmington Mental Health ServicesWelcome back! We are here to offer you more tips on traveling with bipolar disorder and how to keep triggers at bay. It's hard to know what might trigger your disorder while traveling, but using the information below will help you plan for everything! If you need Wilmington mental health services this fall, call Legacy Freedom. We will help you!

What is your favorite past time at home? Is it reading a book on your Kindle? Watching podcasts on your iPad? Catching movies on Netflix? Whatever it is you enjoy doing in your off time, consider bringing it along with you if you can. Downloading a movie from Netflix or a new book will be a great way to de-stress and keep your mind off of things that might go wrong. It can also reduce potential triggers while traveling.

Oftentimes, when traveling, especially with airlines, things can go wrong. This can throw anyone into a frenzy. However, those with bipolar disorder can end up having more trouble dealing with problems or changes when traveling. The best way to prepare for this is to plan ahead. Think about all the things that could become a problem. Then, consider solutions for these issues. Include things like airline delays, getting sick, having a flat tire and more. Having a plan for these issues will help prevent mood swings.

Pack a survival kit with snacks, sandwiches, and bottled water. Be sure to check with airlines on what you can and cannot have on planes, as well. Having a survival kit will help you during times when you need a snack or a sip of water to help re-energize and focus on being trigger free during travel.

Whether you're vacationing or traveling for business, be sure to take time for exercise during your trip. This may not sound like a lot of fun, but exercising will be great for your mental and emotional health. It's also great for physical health, as well. During layovers at the airport, walk briskly. For those taking road trips, stop every 2 to 3 hours to stretch, run, or walk. While you're at the hotel, take time every morning or evening to run on the treadmill. You will notice a difference in your mental and emotional health when taking time to exercise.

We hope these tips help you keep your triggers down while traveling with mental illnesses, especially bipolar disorder. Sometimes, the slightest things can cause a trigger mood swings. However, with this information, we hope you can prevent these things from happening. Missed our previous blog? Visit there for more tips!

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