Titus Young: Mental Illness or Brain Injury? continued

Columbus, OH PTSD therapyProfessional football player Titus Young had been cut from the L.A. Rams after just ten days with the team. A new diagnosis of bipolar disorder sent him into an out of control spin and on May 4, 2013, he walked out of an Orange County gas station without paying for a candy bar, a bottle of water, and a pack of cigars. With his infant son in the car, Young pointed his finger at cars like a gun and pretended to shoot at them as he drove away. Two hours later he was arrested for impaired driving, and his black Mustang was impounded. If you're suffering from PTSD, call Legacy Freedom. We offer the most affordable outpatient Columbus, OH PTSD therapy.

Shortly after being released on bail, Young scaled the wall of the impound lot to retrieve his car and found himself arrested for the second time in only 15 hours. Young's family blamed concussions during football for his bizarre and aggressive behavior. His former girlfriend and the mother of his infant son asked for a restraining order. Though Young never harmed her or the child, his strange rants and his attempts to fight people he didn't know while he was with her and their child made her concerned for their safety. In her statement, she wrote that she believed Young didn't want help for his mental illness.

One week later, Young heard voices that told him to get on the freeway and drive. That midnight drive led him to a multimillion dollar condo in San Clemente. Titus Young entered the home from an unlocked second-floor sliding glass door. The homeowner, Bill Plattos, a real estate broker and retired Army veteran, heard Young's footsteps on the hardwood floors and pulled out his handgun. When the former NFL star burst into the bedroom, Plattos yelled at him, and Young ran.

After leading Orange County deputies on a foot pursuit through the neighborhood, Young was tackled and arrested. He assaulted two officers while they tried to handcuff him and challenged another to a fight. He claimed he couldn't remember anything because of the concussions he suffered in the NFL and that he had selective listening. He denied everything that happened that night. Young's troubles didn't end there. Bouncing from treatment center to treatment center he was accused of assaulting four people in two months.

Eventually, Young was sentenced to 5 years of probation, 191 days of already served jail time, and one year of inpatient treatment at the Crosby Center in Escondido. Upon further evaluation, one of the psychologists at the center found that Young's previous bipolar diagnosis was incorrect. The former pro baller was actually suffering from a neurodegenerative disease known as chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE). As a result of his brain injury, Young struggles with schizophrenia and acute psychosis. There have been multiple assaults and stints in jail since 2015 and Young is currently serving a four-year sentence in jail. While Young still hopes for an NFL comeback, his actions and the CTE have made that all but impossible.

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