Titus Young: Mental Illness or Brain Injury?

PTSD treatment in Columbus, OHIn 2006, Titus Young was a high school football player at University High School in West Los Angeles. That season, Young played in a game against San Pedro High School. During that game he slammed into an opposing player in one of the most violent hits his former coach can ever recall seeing on the playing field. If you ask his former coach when Titus Young's trouble started, he will tell you it began with that hit. If you're suffering and need PTSD treatment in Columbus, OH, Legacy can help you. Call today to learn more.

On the field, he had glue-like hands and world-class speed that caught the attention of the recruiters from Boise State. Suspended three times from the team during his sophomore year at Boise for altercations with teammates, Young was charismatic, cocky, and talented. He was one of the most feared wide receivers in the country, and in 2011 all that talent made him a second-round NFL draft pick for the Detroit Lions.

His first season in the NFL was unremarkable. Tensions built and Young punched a teammate during an off-season training workout. He grew paranoid, posted cryptic messages on social media, head-butted an opponent, screamed at fans, caused scenes at local businesses, and lined up in the wrong position on the field on purpose. Insomnia set in for Young. The transition from being the college superstar to being on a team of elite athletes was a rocky one. Titus was used to having the spotlight on him and his abilities. When he wasn't the biggest and best player on the team anymore, he didn't know how to handle it.

His bizarre behavior only continued. Young blamed concussions on the field, but his injury reports from the Lions don't include any concussions. A former girlfriend said that Young refused to believe he had any type of mental health condition. During the 2012 NFL season, the same woman witnessed Young packing for a trip and yelling at a beeping smoke detector to stop recording him. Young thought the device contained a camera.

After another lackluster season with the Lions in 2012, a dismal start, and more off the field issues, the Detroit Lions cut Young from the team in February of 2013. The L.A. Rams took a gamble on Young and signed him. He lasted ten days on the L.A. roster. After being cut a second time, Young suffered a breakdown. He showed up at the Rams' coach's home incoherently rambling and fearing invisible pursuers. His cousin was driving him that day and decided to take Young to the Resnick Neuropsychiatric Hospital at UCLA. During this admission, Titus Young was given an answer for his strange behavior, the voices in his head, and the paranoia. He was diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

Not wanting to accept the diagnosis, Young's strange behavior continued. On May 4, 2013, he left a gas station in Orange County California without paying for a candy bar, a bottle of water, and a pack of cigars. With his infant son in tow, he pretended to shoot at cars with his finger as they pulled away from the station. He was arrested later that night on suspicion of impaired driving, but Titus Young's problems didn't stop there. For more on Titus Young join us for part two in this series.

Join us for part two as we continue telling Titus Young's story by clicking here.

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