Tips to Heal After Severing Ties with Your Parents

After you have made the decision to cut a parent out of your life you are left with many feelings that need to be resolved. Most often, those who cut ties with their parents do so as a last resort after enduring years of abuse or neglect. In our previous post, we addressed cutting ties with your parent and how to handle the situation. Now that you've removed your toxic parent from your life, here are some ways that you can begin to cope and heal as you move on.

Permit Yourself to Grieve

You need to mourn the loss of your relationship with your parent. Despite it not always being a healthy and harmonious one, you need to accept and come to terms with the loss you feel now that you have cut ties. Many do not expect to feel sad or to need to grieve once they have severed the relationship. The happiness and feelings of freedom you were expecting to feel may give way to feelings of sadness, anger, and loss. Give yourself permission to feel all of these feelings and accept them as you heal.

Practice Self-Care

During the days, weeks, and months that follow the severing of ties with your parent, ensure that you are taking care of yourself and addressing your needs and your feelings. Anxiety and feelings of post-traumatic stress disorder are common. Recognizing the emotional pain and needs that having an unfulfilling or abusive relationship with your parent caused is crucial. Have compassion for yourself and do activities that bring you joy, help you relax, or let you connect with others who share your experiences.

Be Ready for the Backlash

Close family friends and relatives may find themselves questioning your decision and demanding answers. This is especially true if your estranged parent goes on the offensive and asserts their version of the situation. Do not allow yourself to fall into patterns of guilt or self-blame. Stand your ground and make it known that you disconnected for your own well-being. Remind yourself of why you felt the need to end the relationship and how many times you tried and failed to fix the situation.

Learn Positive Ways to Cope

Anyone who has endured years of abuse or been a part of a toxic relationship will need to learn positive ways to cope with the negative thoughts and feelings that are left behind after the relationship with their parent ends. Talking with a therapist, participating in group therapy, attending alternative healing treatments, and other activities that can help you develop positive coping mechanisms are crucial.

At Legacy Freedom, we combine traditional talk therapy with group therapy, alternative treatment methods, and nutritional therapy to give you a holistic approach to your mental health care. We have helped thousands of clients overcome depression, anxiety, anger issues, PTSD, and abandonment issues. Choosing to distance yourself from your parent is a difficult decision but it may be necessary for your own mental health and well-being. You don't have to try to heal on your own. Our compassionate and confidential treatment options can help you find peace and restore happiness in your life.

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