Tips to Help You Live Sober

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When an addict finally makes the right choice to seek drug rehab Raleigh NC services at our outpatient recovery center, Legacy Freedom, the healing process is just beginning. When they begin their journey toward long-term sober living, it's one that has to be made one step at a time. The addict has to understand that this path never ends and they will be marching along it for their entire lives. If you, or someone you know, is battling addiction problems with either drugs or alcohol, these tips might encourage you, or your loved one, to stay strong in the commitment to remaining substance free.

Sober Living Tips

Get Fit: Sober living is not boring. There are lots of great things you are missing out on as an addict. Getting fit will definitely help in your recovery. Start eating right, make time for regular exercise, pick up a new sport or outside activity such as mountain biking, and make sure to get plenty of rest in between. Start recovery off on the right foot by getting fit. Another good reason is that every time you feel the need to use, exercise instead.

Make New Sober Friends: At our drug rehab Raleigh NC outpatient recovery center, our holistic programs are geared to help you navigate life without a crutch. Why not make some new friends on the way? Our adventure therapy program is a great place to start.

Get Structured, Organized, and on a Schedule: When you're addicted to alcohol, or other substances, you spend a lot of your time trying to get your hands on more of your drug of choice. Once sober, you suddenly find yourself with tons of free time. Try to keep busy to keep your cravings at bay. Get everything organized and in order. Clean up your home, car, and other property. Make sure you get yourself on a regimented schedule. For instance, make sure that you're spending at least 30 minutes, to an hour, a day exercising. Get up every morning early, make your bed, and go to work - or look for a job. Activities like this will help you stay sober.

Try Something New: Put yourself out there. Do something new, fun and exciting. Signing up for cooking or photography classes are great places to start. Join a gym, learn how to box, or simply volunteer. These activities are great for sober living.

Stay Patient and Stay Positive: It is not easy to give up your drugs or drinks of choice. We know that. There are going to be days where you are feeling up and days when you are feeling down. You have to stay positive and think positively. All of the years you've spent using drugs messed up your brain chemistry and feeling all of these emotions again can make one depressed, angry or even scared about what their future might hold. This is normal. Just know that things will get better. You will adjust to "feeling" again and these emotions will become easier to deal with. The main goal is just do your best not to relapse.

Holistic Drug Rehab Raleigh NC Services | Legacy Freedom

Legacy Freedom offers holistic drug rehab Raleigh NC services with wonderful counselors that understand your needs. We know what it takes to get you back into a sober life. We don't believe in using other drugs to treat drug and alcohol abuse. We don't believe in opiate replacement. We want you to manage your life without the drug crutches. If you have an alcohol addiction, a problem with pain pills or other substances, please give us a call for the help you deserve. Get the help your family deserves. Why not take the first step toward recovery and call us today? You could be saving your own life.

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