During my time as a patient at Legacy Freedom I learned a few things. First that not all recovery programs are equal, that my addiction was not only the result of a chemical imbalance and if I worked hard enough I could be restored. Legacy was not my first treatment center, in fact it was my fourth. Don’t get me wrong, I believe other methods do work, but after several attempts it was time to try something different. Their holistic and underlying cause approach was what initially attracted me to the program. Once I began I came to realize that was only a fraction of what Legacy had to offer me. The staff at Legacy made all the difference. The level of care and understanding of every employee surpassed anything I have experienced before. It’s true the program was what I wanted but the staff is what I needed.

I finally came to understand that my brain is wired differently than a “normal” one at Legacy. I had watched many people put down drugs and alcohol like it was no problem, but I never understood why I could not stop. That mystery was finally solved for me with scientific data. The only question that remained for me was why did I feel the need to use in the first place. I knew the trauma I had suffered in the past played a role but I still chose to not address it thoroughly. After working with my therapist one on one, I came to believe that with time and work I could learn to accept my past as it was and move on without numbing the pain with drugs and alcohol.

Getting to know myself again was and is not always fun or comfortable, its learning to live with the discomfort and growing as a human being from it. This fight was life and death for me. When I chose Legacy, I chose to live!

Susie, transformed addict

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