I came to Legacy in a state of disrepair. Mentally, physically and spiritually I was exhausted. I had finally had enough of my personal failure to understand, accept and control my behavior. What was I waiting for? It was never going to get better and I knew that. The question was not whether I needed help but rather how do I find a place that will truly embrace my personal struggles, my path in life and ultimately help me to understand myself? What I found at Legacy was an approach that calmed all of my fears and led me into a new world of hope. All was not lost after all, it was misplaced and misguided but never lost.

I wanted to believe in myself again. And I do. I wanted to be free of the cycle of self-destruction. And I am. I wanted to move forward and live within my life not as an observer but as a participant. And now I can.

It is not only the staff that I want to say thank you to, but also the individuals that had the courage to sit in a group with me, to take the step I had taken, to listen to me as I listened to them. It is in the strength of a shared struggle that we find hope.

Robert S., transformed addict

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