My time at Legacy Freedom has been an incredible journey. I entered the program 2 to 3 weeks after I completed 42 days at an inpatient facility that was 12 step based. While I was able to detox at that facility and learn much about addiction and many of the reasons why I was drawn to substances, both I and my therapist afterward felt that I needed to further immerse myself in recovery and deeper exploring self.

My therapist had a flyer to the open house of Legacy in Raleigh and she knew my hesitation to 12 step programs, so she suggested the holistic approach. While hesitant at first to try anything group based, I felt that going from fully immersed in recovery to 1 day a week sessions was not wise for me mentally. I was getting quite anxious at work because everything about it reminded me (and gave me urges) about drinking. After both my therapist and myself speaking with staff in Charlotte, I decided that Legacy was somewhere I needed to be.

When I came in for my first day I was intrigued and relieved. Intrigued because Kimarie had so much enthusiasm about recovery, self, growing mentally, and a myriad of other things. Relieved because I was the first person to start, so I could ease in to groups. My first week was full of hesitant optimism.

As I spent more time with staff I became more relaxed and able to be open and honest. The various modalities challenged me and the wonderful people facilitating showed that they truly cared about me and everyone else that came in by the week. It became a family to me. Even as new people would come it, we adopted them as part of the family and I was eager to share with them and be a part of their journey and have them in mine.

I can say today that I have learned more about myself from my time at Legacy than in the past 10 years combined. I love everyone there, both clients and staff.

There is one person who, through their knowledge, caring, understanding, and far more that can even be put in to words, has truly changed my life. Kimarie is a beacon of light that I absolutely needed. Through this time she has encouraged so many changes that I could both envision and put in to action. I can honestly say that I like myself now. I am no longer scared of new human interaction. I have regained a faith I though lost long ago. Perhaps the strongest result expected of this program, I do not have ANY urge to numb my life with substances. Kimarie is the lynchpin for me truly and absolutely. I thank god that I was able to meet her and have her in my life.

I believe now that this was meant to happen exactly how it has. I was meant to be the first one here. I was meant to meet all these wonderful people and go through the huge flush of emotions that were brought up in groups that I was then able to understand and accept. I am grateful for so much and I am happy more than I would have ever thought possible. I am able to do this now because I have truly changed from a cynical “victim”, to a person striving to be understanding, loving, feeling, caring, and better person every day of my life.

Jason T, Recovered Addict

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