Tai Chi

Tai Chi is one of the ancient Chinese martial arts used for self-defense, exercise, and meditation. At Legacy, Tai Chi is practiced for its many health benefits and is one of the numerous holistic treatment methods we offer to help you overcome your mental health issues and/or addiction, once and for all. Tai Chi is characterized by slow, gentle movements of your arms, legs, and body that aim to reduce stress and tension while increasing a feeling of serenity. It has been described as “meditation in motion.”

Tai Chi is used to treat mental health issues and addiction because it offers you time to reflect and learn yourself. The end result of Tai Chi is a mental and physical calmness. Tai Chi helps keep emotions more in balance, reducing the desire to act out, drink alcohol or use drugs. The discipline offers a sense of feeling more centered and grounded, so that you can handle life’s challenges.

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