More on the Summertime Blues

Charlotte, NC depression treatmentWelcome back to our series on the summertime blues. In our previous post, we discussed reverse seasonal affective disorder (SAD), but this disorder isn't the only reason the summer isn't a party for everyone. Many people experience the blues for a myriad of reasons in the summertime. Whether it's due to stress, self-confidence issues or just their schedule being off, we're taking a look at more causes of the summertime blues.

The pressure to make summer fun and carefree can be overwhelming. Here are some of the reasons that summer may be anything but fun. If you need Charlotte, NC depression treatment, make the call to Legacy Freedom for help.

  • Added expenses. Between the cost of a vacation, extra events, or increased daycare or babysitting costs many people feel the pinch when it comes to their finances in the summertime. This can be extremely stressful and cause a lot of anxiety and depression. Now, more than ever, people are worried that if they take time off during the summer, their job may not be there when they get back. Due to these concerns, many people decide to forgo their vacation or spend their entire vacation worrying.
  • Off schedule, out of sorts. For many, the longer days of summer or the surge in commitments to travel, family and friends mean their sleep schedules are disrupted. Lack of sleep means tempers are shorter, anxiety is higher, and people are more likely to feel depressed. Summer disrupts the routine all around. From eating schedules to personal time, nothing is on track in the summer.
  • Can't stand the heat? Many people hate being hot. Tempers become shorter, exercise becomes limited by the heat, as does the cooking. While the heat draws beach goers and theme park enthusiasts outside, if you're not a fan, being confined to air-conditioned spaces can certainly kill your mood.
  • Self-confidence issues. Many people are uncomfortable with how they look. As the heat climbs, the option to cover up with a bulky sweater or pants goes away. Putting on a tank top, swimsuit, or a pair of shorts can cause people to feel even more depressed about their body.

So how do you beat the heat and the summertime blues? The experts at Legacy Freedom have some tips to help you survive summer:

  • Say no. When your friends and family are planning outings and activities, don't feel obligated to attend everything you're invited to. Whether you need to cut back to save cash, catch up on your sleep, or just need to focus on yourself, you don't have to say yes.
  • Boost your mood and your health with a new habit. Joining a gym during the summer can have some surprising benefits. Working out in air conditioned comfort will help boost your mood naturally, and most gyms are less busy during the summer as people travel more and take their workouts outside. This gives you time to get into a routine and make this a permanent lifestyle change. Take advantage of all the fresh produce available and try some new recipes. Involving your friends or kids in the kitchen is an excellent way to have a few laughs and make some happy memories.
  • Stay on schedule as best you can. Try to keep a regular bedtime and wake-up time each day.
  • Reconsider your vacation. If vacationing in the summer taps you out financially or puts you extremely behind at work, consider shifting your vacation to another time of the year. Travel when it's better for you financially or with your work schedule. The kids may have to take homework with them on vacation, but they will enjoy having a more relaxed and fun mom or dad around.

Charlotte, NC Depression Treatment That Works

If your depression doesn't improve or you just can't shake the blues, call Legacy Freedom of Charlotte. Our holistic approach to depression treatment can help you break the cycle and start living again. Schedule your appointment today to learn how our Charlotte, NC depression treatment can help you!

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