Suboxone Addiction Treatment

drug rehab in raleigh NCSuboxone is a narcotic used to treat opiate addiction, but it can be abused like any other drug. It was created to block the effects of opiates and reduce cravings but it can still produce pleasant feelings, including a sense of wellbeing and increased energy, at higher doses.

Someone on suboxone will not feel the effects of opiates if they take them, so they may begin to abuse the drug that is supposed to be helping them. It can be effective in some for managing addiction, but any drug that’s taken regularly runs the risk of causing dependency.

A physical dependency is the body’s natural reaction to having an unnatural substance in its system over a period of time. Dependency doesn’t always equal addiction, but someone with a history of addiction can develop one more easily.

The drug is sometimes prescribed in an outpatient setting, so an addict may be tempted to take more than the doctor recommends. People who are prescribed suboxone may also feel that, because the drug was given to them to help with their opiate addiction, they can take it as needed rather than as prescribed. This can lead to abuse and addiction.

Someone who has become addicted to suboxone will show the same signs as someone addicted to any drug. They may be in denial regarding the fact that they have a problem. It can be especially hard for them to recognize that a suboxone addiction is the same as any addiction because, in many cases, they were given the drug to help with their opiate addiction.

Someone abusing the drug may also become more secretive and defensive about their use. Physical signs such as dizziness, lack of coordination and tiredness may also be apparent in someone abusing suboxone.

If you suspect that your loved one has become addicted to suboxone, have him or her talk with their therapist or the center where they’re being treated. If he or she is not already in a treatment program, seek out a program that can help with suboxone addiction.

It’s important to get help for any addiction. Users tend to mix drugs with other drugs or alcohol, which can have serious, even fatal, consequences. It’s best to not stop “cold turkey” because withdrawal symptoms can be severe. The advice of experienced addiction counselors or medical professionals is recommended.

Suboxone withdrawal can be difficult, but it is not forever. The physical symptoms only last for about a week and can be managed by weaning off the drug rather than stopping it altogether. The physical symptoms, such as cravings and the desire to take the drug, can last longer.

Addiction treatment should also include therapy that meets the individual’s needs. It could include group therapy, family sessions, or programs that focus on physical, emotional or spiritual health. Finding a program that works for the individual is key in having a successful recovery.

If you’re considering getting treatment for a prescription drug problem, give us a call at Legacy Freedom Treatment Center in Raleigh, NC.

Holistic Drug Rehab in Raleigh | Legacy Freedom

At Legacy Freedom Treatment Center, we offer a holistic approach to recovery. We want you to live life without a crutch for your addiction. That is one of the main reasons we do not use drugs to treat a drug problem. Our programs for substance abuse really work and we have the personal journey stories from real patients to back them up. If you are ready to get the help you deserve - if you are ready to finally make a positive step toward sobriety - call us today. We offer alcohol and drug rehab in Raleigh NC and all surrounding areas.

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