Struggling with Holiday Sadness?

Charlotte, NC Depression TreatmentThe holiday season is here again and while most people are busy shopping, baking, decorating, and celebrating their way through November and December, there are those who don't enjoy the holiday hustle and bustle. There are many factors that contribute to making the holiday season feel less than merry and bright. Whether you're struggling with the loss of a loved one, a divorce, the loss of a job, or are having difficulty with all the social commitments you are expected to make, there are plenty of reasons for you to feel less than festive. Getting through the holiday season can be exhausting and emotionally draining. If you're always sad during the holidays, call Legacy Freedom. We offer holistic Charlotte, NC depression treatment. Let us help you get past this.

Being mindful of what is causing you to feel less than excited about the holidays can help you make a plan to get through the season. Here are some tips to make the holiday season a little more manageable:

Set realistic expectations. 
Trying to be everywhere and do everything is unreasonable. This rush, rush, rush, do, do, do mentality is also incredibly exhausting. Being anxious over being late, forgetting an event, or being forced into social situation after social situation is enough to suck the joy out of the holiday season for anyone. Instead, be realistic about what you are committing to. When it comes to setting your holiday calendar, look carefully at the events you have been invited to. Skipping work and family parties may not be an option but opting out of gatherings with friends is. Instead of trying to make every party, choose one or two where you know you will see the greatest number of people or that you know you will enjoy. For those friends you miss during the holiday season, set up a brunch date in January to dish on holiday happenings and connect in the new year.

Don't skip the self-care. 
It can be easy to slack on taking care of yourself with all the additional responsibilities that you will be taking on. Skipping out on time for yourself is the fastest way to bring on those holiday blues. Be sure to keep up with your diet and moderate your alcohol intake during the season. While it can be easy to overindulge, doing so can have a severe impact on your mood. Alcohol can worsen anxiety and depression so skip the bar if you know you're already having trouble with these.

Avoid falling into the comparison trap. 
Meeting up with people you haven't seen in a year and hearing about their successes can make you feel like your life is less than perfect. The truth is that everyone has struggles that they face. Comparing yourself and your circumstances to someone else's glossy family photo or picture perfect posts on social media is a recipe for sadness. Instead turn your focus to the things you have accomplished this year and setting goals for yourself for next year. Keeping your new goals manageable and breaking them down into achievable steps will help you ensure that they come to fruition.

Charlotte, NC Depression Treatment For The Holidays

As the holiday season rolls on, if you or someone you love begins to struggle with feelings of sadness or anxiety, help is only a call or click away. Legacy Freedom of Charlotte knows that the holidays can be overwhelming. Our dedicated team of therapists and clinicians are here to help you get back on track and overcome the negative feelings that are keeping you from enjoying this season. Whether you have struggled all year and things are finally coming to a head, or you're experiencing a difficult time this season, we can help. Call or click to connect with us today to learn more about our holistic Charlotte, NC depression treatment!

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