Dealing with Sticky Situations with Your Boss

Anxiety Therapy in Columbus, OHIf dealing with your boss makes you anxious or uncomfortable, you are not alone. The open floor plans, casual dress codes, and blurred boundaries between work and home can make it hard to know if your boss is behaving appropriately. However, if you're feeling consistently uncomfortable or dreading the interactions with your superior, chances are that he or she is stepping outside professional boundaries. If your boss has done or said these things, then it may be time to talk to him or her about their behavior. If you need anxiety therapy in Columbus, OH please call Legacy Freedom.

  • Implied that your age, race, or sex is a factor in your work performance
    These factors have nothing to do with your ability to perform your job, and federal law dictates that the suggestion of this is discriminatory.
  • Made inappropriate references
    Any implication that your boss has given you that they are interested in a personal relationship with you, even if it's not something you're opposed to, is entirely inappropriate. Jokes, emails, or comments about your physical appearance that have made you blush or squirm also cross the line. These comments could be grounds for a sexual harassment lawsuit.
  • Set unreasonable expectations
    Your boss should clearly communicate their expectations for your duties and work performance. If your boss has been unclear or is demanding you meet a deadline that is unreasonable, this is something that should be addressed.
  • Your salary is talked about in front of others
    What you make is private and confidential. Other employees don't need to know what you are being paid. If your boss is commenting that they pay you too much or too little in front of other colleagues this can lead to problems in the workplace and cause riffs between you and your teammates.
  • Public reprimand
    A good boss should handle those moments when your performance disappoints in private. Whether you blew a deadline or made an error, these issues should be discussed behind closed doors and not in front of colleagues. Addressing these issues in a public setting is a form of bullying.
  • Things get too personal
    If conversations with your boss regularly steer into them oversharing details about their personal life or talking about their problems, be brief with your response and quickly change things back to business topics. You are their employee. Your boss may consider you a friend, but sharing personal details in a business setting isn't appropriate. However, it is important to remember that this goes both ways. You should be leaving your problems and personal issues at the door as well.

Encountering these issues with your boss is tough. Asking to have a conversation about their behavior and making them aware of it can often help resolve the issue. Many times people are unaware that they have said or done something that has caused a problem for someone else. If you have talked with your boss and the issue persists, you may need to involve your company's human resources representative to help resolve the issue.

Holistic Anxiety Therapy in Columbus, OH

Developing anxiety related to your job can make doing something you love feel like torture. At Legacy Freedom of Columbus, we can help you work through your anxiety and identify the underlying causes of your anxious feelings. Our holistic approach to mental health care will help you learn to cope with these feelings in a positive way. Don't let your anxiety keep you from enjoying your work. Call today and get started with anxiety therapy in Columbus, OH from Legacy Freedom!


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