More on Social Media Benefiting Your Mental Health

Charlotte, NC PTSD therapyThanks for joining us as we continue to look at how social media can improve your mental health when it's used correctly. There have been no shortage of reports and studies touting the detriments of social media on mental health. However, in our previous post we touched on some reasons why you may not want to deactivate your Facebook or Twitter accounts just yet. Here are some more reasons why you should think twice about the positive benefits of social media on your mental health. At Legacy Freedom, we offer more than just Charlotte, NC PTSD therapy. Call us today to learn more.

Stay Engaged with Causes You Care About
Keeping up with volunteer opportunities and events with charitable organizations that are near and dear to your heart is important. Not only does it give you the chance to get out in the community and support something you are passionate about, connecting with these causes can help banish feelings of depression, worthlessness, and loneliness.

Spread Joy
While your newsfeed may be littered with stories about a national tragedy or local crime, we are also shown random acts of kindness by strangers and acts of compassion from around the globe. Sharing and focusing on these positive acts can help boost your mood and motivate you to find ways to give back to your own community. Uplifting stories, jokes, or photos help combat depression and keep you connected to your friends and loved ones.

Stop Struggling Alone
Whether you are living with a chronic illness, struggling with addiction, or working through mental health issues, online communities can be a great resource for support, compassion, and empowerment. Being able to confide in and exchange ideas, thoughts, and struggles with people who aren't direct members of your family or part of your community gives you freedom to be honest and vulnerable. Connecting with others who share your struggles and can empathize with daily challenges, cheer on your progress, and support your success is beneficial. Being heard and supported by your peers can be incredibly powerful.

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Charlotte, NC PTSD Therapy and More for 2018

Are you struggling with your mental health? Legacy Freedom has helped thousands overcome their mental health challenges through our holistic approach to Charlotte, NC PTSD therapy and mental health care. By combining traditional talk therapy and alternative therapy methods, we deliver a comprehensive treatment plan that puts you, not your mental illness, at the center of focus. Understanding your needs and getting to the root of why you feel the way you do is crucial for helping you understand how to manage and overcome your mental illness.

Healing through mental health therapy and group therapy isn't enough. We utilize our staff dietician and physical therapist to help our clients heal their physical pain as well as their emotions. Eating nutritious foods and maintaining a gentle workout routine helps prepare your body, mind, and spirit for healing.

Don't wait to begin your treatment. The help you need and deserve is waiting for you at Legacy Freedom of Charlotte. Call or click to connect with our care team and begin your journey towards better mental health today!


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