Living Sober Tips for College Students

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Being a young person and recovering from an addiction problem can be pretty difficult by itself. Trying to live sober and get an education at a college or university might even seem impossible. A lot of young people think college is all about living it up. Sex, drugs and partying hard is something that is found throughout most campuses and because of these situations, recovering addicts might feel rejected and wonder how they will ever fit in with their peers. The stress of wondering if sober living is even possible in college can lead to a relapse. At Legacy Freedom, our center for alcohol and drug treatment in Columbus OH wants you to know that you can do it, and lots of college students actually attend to get an education and are also committed to sober living. You'll even find other recovering addicts like yourself. You can make friends that have never even been interested in consuming alcohol and drugs.

Regardless, we do know that navigating college and living sober isn't easy. In some ways, it can even be harder than navigating the rest of your life. Check out these tips below, they can help you manage your college experience so you can stay sober and not relapse.

Find a Sober Living Option

If you are staying on campus, most colleges will offer sober living dorms as an option for students who are not interested in exposing themselves to drugs and alcohol. Just talk to your campus housing office for more details. Staying off campus, look for sober living houses or advertise for a sober roommate to live with. Start with the networks provided by your campus or you can also try Craigslist and Facebook. Renting in a family oriented neighborhood, instead of a college one will also help you keep temptations and distractions at bay.

Find Extracurricular Activities

Being a college student can open doors to exciting new sober opportunities. You will have a lot of options to try positive things. Some of these adventures will only come once and you'll never have the chance again. Get out there and explore. Enjoy being young and being in college. Join an intramural sports team, an academic club or hobby group. Get involved in campus government or a community service club. You could even try writing for the school newspaper. Finding extracurricular activities will help you stay busy and focused on living sober. These activities will also help you meet new people, make new friends and develop positive coping skills.

Share Your Story & Sobriety

Wear your sobriety like a badge of honor. You deserve it. Being a recovering addict is hard and takes tons of courage. Most addicts never even make it to a center for alcohol and drug treatment in Columbus OH, or their own city. Some of your classmates might not understand your situation, so tell them. Share your story and how hard you've worked to get where you are today. By sharing your story you are also protecting yourself against peer pressure. When your friends know why you're not participating in the extra party activities, they will hopefully refrain from constantly asking you to drink or use drugs. Be honest with yourself, and your friends.

Holistic Alcohol and Drug treatment in Columbus OH

Legacy Freedom offers premier drug treatment in Columbus OH, and the surrounding areas. We take a holistic approach to your treatment instead of using drugs to treat a drug problem. Call us today and ask about our services. Our programs for drug treatment in Columbus OH are affordable and they actually work.

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