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Recently, we've been writing about sober living, the triggers that can cause relapse and the things that you can do to help cope with the day-to-day struggles of trying to stay drug and alcohol free. At Legacy Freedom, our drug and alcohol treatment center in Columbus OH can help you relearn the tools you need to make the transition back into normal life. Call us today and let us explain to you all the ways we can help. In today's post we will continue to talk about sober living and the things you can do to keep the cravings at bay.

Living Sober Tips

Discover the things that trigger cravings for your addiction. These triggers come from different types of stress, life problems, people and places. Addiction can be triggered by divorce, financial failures, family sickness, and even low self-esteem or negative body images. Even if you stop using drugs as a coping mechanism, these issues will not simply just disappear. When you learn how to self recognize these triggers, you can focus on working through them with positive coping skills instead of drowning them away with drugs or alcohol.

Another great tip from our drug and alcohol treatment center in Columbus OH is to start having more of an appreciation for your sobriety. It took a lot of willpower and strength to get where you are right now with your sobriety. Going through treatment and rehab is something lots of addicts avoid because they lack the courage to even attempt it. This should give you a sense of pride in your accomplishment. Use this as your base coping skill when you need to avoid cravings and triggers.

You'll also want to steer clear of the negative places and people from your drug or alcohol abusing past. You should make new friends and form new relationships with sober people and family that support you. Volunteering or joining a church is a great place to start.

In the beginning of your recovery, it might be hard to accept and understand that you also deserve to be happy. You, your friends and your family know that you have made your share of mistakes, but that is not a reason to live your life constantly beating yourself up over the past. If you have made the choice to be sober, then move past the bad and focus on the good. This doesn't mean forgetting your troubled past but embrace it, use it as a reminder of someone you do not want to be and find happiness.

Make sure to remove all of the alcohol in your home. Do this right now if you haven't already. It does not matter if you have an expensive bottle of whiskey, or a rare bottle of wine, just get it out of your residence. You will no longer be needing it and it will cause you to relapse. If you start feeling guilty about throwing all of this away, give it to your friends, or family members who do not suffer from addiction problems. Explain to these friends and family that when you visit, you would prefer to have alcohol free visits to keep the temptations at bay.

Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center in Columbus OH for Sober Living

If you find yourself losing your sobriety and need professional help, reach out to our drug and alcohol treatment center in Columbus OH - Legacy Freedom. Our holistic programs have been tested to help you with your alcohol and substance abuse issues without using drug replacement therapy. We can help you kick addiction out of your life using our alternative, holistic approach. Call us today.

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