How to Have a Sober Halloween in Wilmington NC

Wilmington Alcohol Rehab CenterIt's that time of year again, jack o' lanterns line the porches, costumes fill the aisles at the store, and spooky decorations begin to appear. Halloween is a night filled with festive parties and fun. As the holiday approaches costume party and bonfire plans are in full swing. Just because you are working on your sobriety doesn't mean that you can't enjoy the Halloween fun! Take advantage of all the tricks and treats the day has to offer by choosing sober ways to celebrate without drinking or using drugs. If you are searching for a Wilmington alcohol rehab center that you can trust, call Legacy to get help!

Be honest with yourself about whether you can attend other parties that you are invited to or whether you are better off skipping them and celebrating differently. Choose to celebrate with friends and family who support your sobriety.

Here are some great ways to celebrate Halloween without risking your sober status:

  • Costume Party with a Twist: By controlling the environment your party in, you can still enjoy a costume party. Give your bash a twist by setting up a photo booth, a red carpet, or by giving away unconventional awards. Skip the nod for Best Costume and award your guests for things like Best Costume Bought on the Way to the Party instead.
  • Monster Movie Bash: Host an all-night scary movie fest in your home. Serve themed snacks, popcorn and be sure to have plenty of candy on hand. Opt for alcohol-free punch or cider to top it off. For extra fun, get out a campy old horror flick like the original 'Mummy' and poke fun at the cheesy special effects.
  • Boo-tiful Bonfire: Dust off your ghost stories and head to the backyard or a local campground for a bonfire with friends and family. Add to the festive atmosphere with spooky decorations, hot cider, hot dogs, snack and of course s'mores.
  • Pumpkin Carving Party: Host dinner and pumpkin carving at your home. Take turns answering the door for trick-or-treaters and light your jack o'lanterns at dusk to vote on the winning design.
  • Ghoul-Bowling: Dress up empty soda bottles like ghosts and get some small pumpkins to bowl with. Invite friends over to bowl outside¬†in costume. Be prepared for the neighbors to want to get in on the fun! Have prizes ready for the most strikes or the worst split.
  • Volunteer Your Time: There are plenty of places that need an extra hand on Halloween. Churches that host haunted houses or trick-or-treat events always need someone to fill candy bowls, run the bob for apples booth, or help direct ghosts and goblins. Nursing homes are filled with visitors on Halloween night as grandparents get a chance to hand out candy to their grandchildren. Offer your time to help residents get around or to help host a craft table.
  • Check Out a Parade: Many towns have a Halloween Parade. Either dust off your best costume and jump in line or set up a picnic on the sidewalk and watch the witches walk by. Either way, you're sure to have a great time!
  • Set Up a Scavenger Hunt: Get your friends together and create a silly scavenger hunt. Require photos with costumes and funny props or crazy locations and then create collages to judge. Keep the warm cider flowing and the snack table full of treats.

Only you can decide what you can and cannot handle when it comes to Halloween festivities. Whether you choose to celebrate Halloween by participating in a party, hosting your own activity, volunteering your time, or staying in to watch a movie with the lights off, be sure to put your recovery goals and your sobriety first this Halloween. One night of fun is not worth giving up all the progress you have made so far.

If you, or someone you love, are struggling with an addiction to drugs or alcohol, Legacy Freedom can help. We offer a holistic approach to substance abuse treatment. For those who struggle with opiate addiction, Legacy Freedom gives you the option to combine suboxone treatment and holistic therapies. For more information, visit the Medication Assisted Therapy page on our website.

Affordable Wilmington Alcohol Rehab Center

Legacy Freedom of Wilmington is not a twelve step program. We believe in getting to the root of your addiction and helping you understand why you feel you need to use alcohol or drugs. Whether you are using to overcome childhood trauma or abuse, self-medicate, or alleviate the symptoms of an undiagnosed mental illness, your therapist will help you identify why you use and teach you new ways to cope. Your treatment plan will focus on your needs, not just your addiction. Through one-on-one and group therapy support for your recovery process is given and sober friendships are formed. These new friendships are important for support and accountability away from our outpatient treatment center.

In addition to traditional talk therapy, Legacy offers more than ten different alternative treatment options at our Wilmington alcohol rehab center. Together with your Life-Purpose coach and your care team you will choose the therapies that are right for you. Every therapy offers a chance for you to reignite a passion, discover a new part of yourself, or set healthy boundaries. Ask about incorporating tai chi, adventure therapy or equine therapy into your treatment plan.

Our staff dietician and physical therapist work closely with you to heal the physical damage done by your addiction. Overcoming chronic and acute pain issues as well as addressing eating disorders and poor nutrition are critical for your recovery process. We believe when you feel good you make good choices.

The help you need to overcome your addiction is just a call or a click away. Don't let your addiction force you to miss out on holiday celebrations with those you love. Take back control with therapy from Legacy Freedom.


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