Father’s Day Gift Ideas For Sober Dads

drug rehab in columbus OHFather's Day is coming up really soon and if you're in need of a few last minutes gifts for your sober dad, well then you've come to the right place.

In today's read, we're going to give you a few last minute ideas that would make for great gift options for any dad that's in recovery from addiction. So grab your pen and paper, and add these items to your shopping list. If you are searching for alcohol and drug rehab in Columbus OH for your dad, or other loved one, stop and call Legacy Freedom today. You'll love our affordable, outpatient treatment programs.

Great Gifts For Sober Dads

Fitness Tracking Watch or Fitbit

Exercise is one of the key components to addiction recovery. It's one of the tools that we teach our patients because exercising is a healthy way to cope with sobriety. It allows you to release tension, watch your weight, reduce stress, and so much more. If you're dad is a recovering alcoholic or drug addict, then a fitness tracker or Fitbit would make for a great gift.

Portable Gas Grill

If your dad is like most, then he loves to cook on the grill. There is just something about grilling meat and veggies that men enjoy. If your dad has not invested in a portable gas grill, maybe now's the time to do it for him. A portable gas grill will allow him to cook almost anywhere he likes. He can take it to the beach for a family vacation, out camping so he can cook without hovering over the hot fire, family picnics, and more.

Yeti Tumbler Cup

Most dads that are in recovery will want to keep their water close by at all times, and it needs to stay cold for the summer heat. If your dad has a long commute to work each morning, he probably wants his coffee to stay nice and hot. This is why getting him a Yeti Tumbler will make a great gift. Take it from someone who owns one of these, you're going to want to pick up one for yourself as well.

Pro-Tip: If you’re planning on the ice melting and having more water to drink later, think again; these tumblers are so insulated that the ice never seems to melt.

We hope that you can celebrate your dad with ease this Father's Day, and that he loves all the gifts he receives. Just be sure to remind him that the greatest gift of all is the love of his family and his continuing sobriety. If you have a loved one in your life that is struggling with addiction, keep reading to see how Legacy Freedom can help them kick their substance abuse issues.

Holistic Drug Rehab in Columbus OH Starts with Legacy Freedom

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