Are You Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired of Addiction?

substance abuse treatment centers in Asheville NCAddiction is a condition that can overcome even the most professional, reliable person you’ve ever known. It can target you in the blink of an eye, before you realize there’s a problem. Addiction causes chemical imbalances in our brains upon excessive use. At that point, the substance abuse becomes something our bodies and minds depend on. We don’t feel as if we have a choice in the matter without standing up and saying, “I am sick and tired of the addiction.”

Unfortunately, deciding that you’ve had enough of substance abuse doesn’t come quickly or easily. Many addicts fail to see their unhealthy patterns, day in and day out. Waking up and using drugs or drinking alcohol immediately is a way of life. It isn’t a hindrance for them. It takes a long time, many broken relationships, and financial distress before most open their eyes to the fact that there’s a problem.

Drug addiction and alcohol abuse have one thing in common, they work in stages, from beginning to end. The first stage involves using or drinking and by the last stage, addicts are completely dependent, sad, lonely and broke. Below, you’ll find the various stages of addiction in order. If you're sick and tired of being addicted, get the help you need from one of the best substance abuse treatment centers in Asheville NC. Call Legacy Freedom today to learn more.

Stages of Addiction

Stage One – Social Indulgence

Addiction often starts in a setting where it’s fun and exciting to try drugs or drink heavily. Social settings are the perfect place for substance abuse problems to hide. You begin using or drinking with friends and feel that it’s no big deal. Then, it becomes an every other day habit. One that you have trouble stopping. You have no desire to do anything but “socially” abuse substances. This is when the addiction will strike. You’ll stop spending time with family and friends that don’t use. Your professional life will suffer. Going in to work becomes harder and harder. The lifestyle is still new and fun, so you don’t recognize what’s going on, but slowly, everything you once loved and cherished is being thrown out the door, one drink or drug use at a time.

Stage Two – Depression

substance abuse treatment centers in Asheville NCAfter awhile, the new and fun ways of your partying will become monotonous. You might feel depressed and not know why. When you start searching for a reason for the sadness, you start lashing out at loved ones or co-workers. You can’t quite pinpoint what’s causing the overwhelming sad and lonely feelings but you know that something has to give. This is when you should be blaming the drugs or alcohol, but your mentality isn’t there yet. You’ve formed an alliance with the substances that cloud your judgement and alter your mind. It’s possible that by the end of stage two you have no family or supportive friends to lean on in times of need, as you’ve already broken the relationship beyond any type of quick repair.

Stage Three – Sick and Tired

At this point, you’re sad and lonely. Your family can’t have a real conversation with you and your supportive friends have moved on. You begin feeling sick and tired. Spending money, drinking or using drugs excessively and wasting time become something you are tired of doing. But, now that you’re so deep into the addiction, you can’t stop it on your own. You need help but aren’t able to identify that reasoning yet. You begin to hate yourself for being so sick and tired. Having no money, energy or supportive loved ones is taking a toll on you.

Stage Four – Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired

When you hit rock bottom, you finally start to see the light at the end of an extremely long tunnel. You’re so sick and tired of being sick and tired that you can’t quite function properly. The depression is too much. Wasting time and money seems unnecessary but you can’t do anything about it. You slowly begin to realize that something has to be done. You can’t go on this way. The addiction is clouding your judgement and telling you to use more, but you finally see that substance abuse is making your sorrow worse. It’s not getting any better. Being sick and tired of being sick and tired is the first step in the right direction of recovery. Congratulations. Even though this might seem like the beginning of the end, it’s actually the beginning of a new, healthy life that you can be proud of.

Stage Five – Recovery

substance abuse treatment centers in Asheville NCNow that you’ve finally realized that an addiction to drugs or alcohol is causing the depression, family estrangement and other problems in your life it’s time to get help. You owe it to yourself and your loved ones to begin your journey into recovery. You don’t need drugs or alcohol to have a happy and exciting life. It’s time to re-learn how to live without substance abuse. It’s going to be a long, hard journey, but you’re more than capable of making it now that you’re willing. Acknowledging there’s a problem is the first step into recovery. Now that you’ve done so in stage four, you are well on your way.

Taking action through alternative therapy and rehab at Legacy Freedom is the right path. Recovery is just around the corner as we're one of the best substance abuse treatment centers in Asheville NC. You’ll no longer have to feel depressed, hate your very existence or worry about where your next high is coming from. You can start focusing on getting healthy and mending the broken relationships that need to be fixed.

You will overcome this addiction. All it takes is a willing mindset and a supportive group of people that can help you through it all. You’ll find that not only with your family and friends, but also with Legacy Freedom. Our personalized rehabilitation programs are tailored to fit your needs. No two addicts are the same. We strive to ensure you get the care you need without interfering with your school or work schedule. Outpatient therapy programs are geared toward one thing – regaining life without drugs or alcohol. If you’re interested in learning more, contact us.

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Do you have a friend or family member suffering from addiction? Maybe you have a substance abuse problem? Regardless of how bad drug or alcohol use has become, help is always available. You’re not alone in this. Recovery is just a phone call or visit away. Contact our substance abuse treatment centers in Asheville NC to learn about our highly successful outpatient programs. We are here to help them get back on track to a healthier, happier life. Call Legacy Freedom of Asheville today.

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