What Is Seasonal Affective Disorder? Continued

Asheville, NC Depression TreatmentWelcome back. We are here to talk more about SAD. It’s possible that during certain times of the year you feel depressed or sad. Whether it’s in the summertime, winter, fall, or spring, you may be suffering from seasonal affective disorder. In our previous blog post, we talked about this condition. Be sure to visit back for more information. There, you will find the symptoms that come with this disorder. Below, you will find a few tips that can help you if you are suffering from SAD. If you need Asheville, NC depression treatment in 2018, make Legacy Freedom your first call for help.

Meditating is a great way to relax, decompress, and start your day off on a positive note. Regular meditation can actually help increase the size of your brain. It will be a great mood stabilizer and it's easy to do. Just 10 or 15 minutes of meditation a day can make a huge difference.

If you suffer from SAD in the winter, consider taking in extra vitamin D. You don’t have to go out into the sun, directly. You can sit by a window for 15 to 20 minutes each day. This extra natural sunlight can help you boost your vitamin D levels during the winter. You might also consider getting a sunlamp to put indoors.

During the winter, especially, it’s hard to stay in a positive mood. Gloomy, cold days are inevitable and feeling happy about that can be difficult at times. One of the best ways to combat a depressive mood is by spending time with positive people. Go to lunch with a friend or visit with family members in the evenings. Spend time with those who are happy and positive. You might also consider joining a support group during the time of year when you feel most vulnerable. These people can help you. They understand what you’re going through.

We hope this information helps you with seasonal affective disorder. If you are unsure whether not you’re suffering from this condition, be sure to contact us. We can help. Also, remember to visit with our previous blog. There, you’ll find more information about this condition.

Best Asheville, NC Depression Treatment for 2018

Sometimes, professional treatment from a facility like Legacy Freedom of Asheville is the only way to rise above SAD and the symptoms you encounter with this disorder. We offer tailored treatments that help the direct needs of each of our patients. Support structures are a vital part of all recovery ventures.

Several of our therapies occur in a group setting, surrounding you with the support you need to get back on the right path. It’s important to consider getting help, especially during the turn of the season when you aren’t sure how the weather might affect your mood or behavior.

If you’d like to speak our therapist about SAD or other mental health disorders and holistic treatment for them, feel free to contact us for Asheville, NC depression treatment you can trust. We have a mental health therapist standing by to help you regain your strength and find the path to health and recovery.

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