Safe Medication Storage and Disposal Tips, Part 2

Substance Abuse Treatment Centers in Raleigh NCPrescription drugs, over-the-counter medicines and vitamins should be stored securely in your home in order to keep your family safe. In this three-part series, we’re discussing why you should keep your medicines safe, how to do it and how to get rid of them when you no longer need them or if they have expired. In the last post, we explained why you need to keep your medicines in a place other than the bathroom cabinet. Now let’s look at some options to store them securely.

Did you know that the bathroom medicine cabinet is not the ideal place for pill storage? Most need to be kept in a cool, dry place. Your bathroom has a lot of moisture and heat from general use. If you think the kitchen cabinet is a better place, think again. It can also warm up when you use the oven. You may think the top of the refrigerator is a good spot because it’s out of reach for kids, but it can also be too warm for most medicines. The bottles may also be easy to see and serve as a temptation for kids if they’re brightly colored.

Here are some other options that you should consider. Searching for substance abuse treatment centers in Raleigh NC? Legacy Freedom can help. Keep reading to learn how.

More Medicine Storage and Disposal Tips

Locking Prescription Bottles - You can switch out your regular prescription bottles with bottles that have tops with a number combination mechanism. They’re more effective than standard child proof tops which have been proven to be ineffective. Kids as young as 2 years old have been able to open bottles with childproof caps. A locking prescription bottle allows you to set a combination and will only open with the correct series of numbers. It would work well for prescription drugs that would pose the most danger to someone taking them without a prescriptions such a strong pain relievers or anxiety medicine. It would also be a more convenient choice if the medicine needs to be taken daily.

Medicine Lock Box - For multiple bottles or medicines you may not need access to daily, a medicine lock box may be a good option. There are larger boxes available that would hold a variety of pill bottles and boxes such as OTC cold medicine. If you just need to secure regular-sized prescription bottles, you can get smaller ones that will fit inside a drawer.

Keep in mind that OTC medicines can be used recreationally. There has been a rise in the abuse of cough syrup and cold medicine among teens who want to get a cheap high. Securing these medicines in a lock box can give you access to them when you need them for their intended purpose, but keep your teens from using them inappropriately.

Also, remember not to mix medicines in the same bottle. You may be more likely to take the wrong pill, or give the wrong one to someone else. If you take multiple pills, invest in a pill case and be sure to keep it secure. You can get tamper proof, locked cases that administer the dosage at certain times.

At the start of the year, or when you’re doing your spring cleaning, plan to clean out your medicines as well. This will help you keep track of what you have and what may need to be thrown away.

In the next part of this series, we’re talking about the proper way to get rid of medicines you no longer need and ones that have expired.

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