Relaxation Techniques for Test Anxiety, Part Two

Welcome back. Today, we are going to discuss more ways to relieve stress and anxiety during a test. We know that dealing with test anxiety can be difficult and can often cause you to perform poorly. However, there are techniques that can help you relax before and during the test. If you missed our previous blog, be sure to visit back there to learn more about the first two methods, before moving on. Searching for a reliable mental health counselor in Asheville, NC for 2018? Reach out to Legacy today. We care!

Method 3

  • Using the center of your palm, cover your eyes. Close your eyes, as well.
  • Instead of putting pressure on your eyes, rest your palms on your cheekbones and place your fingers over your forehead and onto the top of your head.
  • Visualize a place where you feel most relaxed and comfortable. Try to envision yourself actually being there.
  • Continue visualizing for at least two minutes.

This can be done before the test and during it. To practice finding your most comfortable place, try this technique a couple of days before the test. Then, you will have an exact idea of what your place looks like.

Method 4

  • Close your eyes.
  • Breathe in through your nose, deeply and into your abdomen.
  • Wait for 1 to 2 seconds while holding your breath in.
  • Slowly breathe out from your abdomen and then from your mouth.
  • Repeat once or twice before taking the test. You can also do this once or twice during the test, as well.

Relaxing during test anxiety is important. It will not only help you relieve stress and anxiety but it will also help you improve your grade. We hope these tips help you do just that!

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