Should Recovering Addicts Make New Year’s Resolutions?

Drug Treatment in Raleigh NCFor those who are in recovery for a drug or alcohol addiction making a New Year's resolution can be difficult. With so many changes already occurring in your life, the idea of making yet another commitment can feel overwhelming. Others in recovery may be feeling eager to seize all the new opportunities available now that they are sober. However, before you commit to too much during your first year of sobriety, it may be wise to evaluate where you are in your recovery process as well as what goals you can realistically set and achieve. If you need drug treatment in Raleigh NC in 2018, be sure to call Legacy for help.

Newly Sober in the New Year
When you are newly sober, you have a lot going on in your life. Focusing on your recovery efforts can require all of your extra energy. While it is tempting to set lofty goals for yourself to help you maintain your sober status, you don't want to overdo it. Instead of making resolutions where you may fall short, opt for creating a plan of action that can help you reach a specific goal. When you create an action plan, you are able to break down a larger goal into smaller, actionable parts. Failing to achieve an overly ambitious goal early in the recovery process can leave a newly recovered addict feeling like a failure or may dredge up some negative core beliefs that can endanger their new sobriety.

Maintaining Sobriety
For those who have been sober for a little while, setting reasonable and measurable goals based on your recovery process can be a great way to renew your focus in the new year. If you found yourself struggling during the holidays to keep up with your daily sobriety routine, setting a goal to reestablish your daily routine and incorporate a new element like yoga, running, or taking a painting class can help break up the monotony that many recovering addicts struggle with. Choosing specific goals and creating a plan to reach those outcomes lends itself to the sober lifestyle you have become accustomed to. Setting one ambitious, yet attainable, goal for yourself will help give you something to focus on in addition to your sobriety. Whether you choose to run a marathon, complete a large painting, or learn an instrument, a more substantial goal gives you something to work towards throughout the year that is focused on something you enjoy. If you need help maintaining your sobriety, call Legacy Freedom. We offer outpatient drug treatment in Raleigh NC that really works.

Experienced in Sobriety
If you have lived the sober lifestyle for some time, setting a New Year's resolution can be a great way to refocus your energy on your sobriety and recommit to your abstinence. The beginning of the new year is also the perfect time to focus your energies on boosting your performance at work, getting your finances in order, going back to school, or taking a trip you've been putting off. You understand that change doesn't happen overnight, so setting long-term goals and being able to see them through may be more feasible for you than someone who is newly sober or still working on maintaining their sobriety.

Regardless of where you are in your sobriety journey, before you commit to a New Year's resolution this year, consider what you are really trying to accomplish by setting this goal. If you're looking to leave your addiction to drugs or alcohol behind in 2018, let the caring and compassionate staff at Legacy Freedom help. Our holistic approach to addiction recovery has helped thousands of clients make the transition from addicted to living a sober and purpose-filled life. Upon entering our treatment program, you will work closely with your Life-Purpose coach to rediscover your passions and motivations that have been overshadowed by your addiction. Together with your care team, you will create a plan of care that puts you, not your addiction, as the treatment focus.

Best 2018 Drug Treatment in Raleigh NC

The alternative approach at Legacy Freedom of Raleigh combines traditional talk therapy in both one-on-one and group settings to help you identify the root of your addiction. Whether you drink to mask feelings of low-self esteem, to forget about abuse, or to compensate for an undiagnosed or untreated mental health condition, we can help. Knowing why you drink to excess allows our staff to help you learn new ways to cope with these triggers and address co-occurring disorders. Group therapy provides the peer support and understanding you need as you transition to living a sober life. Having support away from our outpatient facility helps keep your sobriety goals on track.

Legacy Freedom also utilizes alternative drug treatment in Raleigh NC in our approach to addiction recovery. With more than ten different treatments to choose from you and your care team will decide which therapies can help you meet your sobriety objectives best. Whether you need to create focus and mindfulness through tai chi, yoga and meditation or you need to break out of your shell and boost your self-esteem with adventure therapy or equine-assisted therapy, the options are endless.

We believe that when you feel good, you make good choices. Addiction is hard on your body. Healing the physical damage of your addiction takes time. Our staff dietician and physical therapist help you begin the healing process by teaching you how to nourish your body through diet and restore strength and mobility through exercise. Healthy choices start with the decision to get sober and are maintained by adopting a healthy lifestyle.

Your addiction to alcohol doesn't have to control your life any longer. Stop damaging your body and brain and get the help you need with Legacy Freedom. Be one of our brightest success stories in 2018 and take steps towards ending your dependence on alcohol today! Our caring and compassionate team is ready to help you make the transition towards a sober lifestyle. What are you waiting for?


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