Can PTSD Bring Positive Changes?

Raleigh Mental Health ServicesRecent research has found that more than 75% of the population will experience some sort of traumatic event in their lifetime. Whether you are involved in an act of violence or an accident, suffer a life-altering illness, or endure a tragic loss, the likelihood that you will experience great suffering is almost certain. While this sounds like all bad news, studies have shown that trauma can also be a force for positive change. According to a pair of researchers from the University of North Carolina Charlotte, post-traumatic growth can be both transformative and powerful. For the best Raleigh mental health services for 2018, start with Legacy Freedom. We care about you.

During their study, Richard Tedeschi and Lawrence Calhoun contacted more than 600 people. The participants were surveyed about their trauma and the aftereffects on their lives. While many people experienced adverse changes in their lives, the majority of people reported discovering things about themselves and their relationships with others as a result of the trauma they suffered. Many of the participants found that after their trauma they felt the need to reorient their lives in order to accomplish more meaningful goals. These subjects also disclosed that they found they possessed a more significant amount of inner strength than they realized and that their lives had more meaning after the traumatic event. Relationships with friends and family members also improved as a result of experiencing trauma.

Since Tedeschi and Calhoun began studying the phenomenon in the 1980s, researchers around the world have started to consider the impact of post traumatic growth on people's lives. Despite the physical pain or daily struggles that were faced, more than half of all trauma survivors report a positive change in their lives. The experience of trauma sent these people on a path in their lives that they might never have encountered otherwise. The experience of the trauma opens up these survivors to an entirely different part of themselves. While this growth does not give these people a free pass to avoid suffering, healing beings with trauma. Using the pain and struggle as an opportunity to become a better version of themselves allowed these people to turn situations that can cause post traumatic stress disorder into a chance for healing and growth.

Not everyone can embrace or find the positive as they cope with a traumatic event in their lives. Experiencing post traumatic stress is common after a painful loss, surviving violence, or enduring a traumatic experience. Learning to move past the trauma can be difficult for many people. If you, or someone you love, are struggling to cope with trauma in your life, Legacy Freedom of Raleigh can help. Our holistic approach to mental health care has helped thousands of people move past their trauma and learn to cope. For more information, jump ahead to part two.

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