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Raleigh, NC PTSD TherapyAs we continue to explore the positive changes that result from traumatic experiences, we begin to look at those who have experienced significant natural disasters. From Hurricane Katrina to the tornado in Joplin Missouri, those who have lost everything in a natural disaster are also able to experience positive changes right along with the post traumatic stress they experience. The idea that stress and positive growth and change can occur together may seem foreign to some people. However, the phenomenon is more common than you may think. In our previous post, we examined how those who had experienced an act of violence, the loss of a child, or a life-altering injury are able to transform tragedy into something meaningful. For the best Raleigh, NC PTSD therapy programs, know that Legacy Freedom is number one. Call today.

Post traumatic growth can manifest in many different ways. In the case of tornado survivors in Joplin, mental health workers found that people who experienced the tornado and communicated with other survivors created a community that flourished. By promoting connections and communications among survivors, mental health workers can increase the likelihood of post traumatic growth in post-disaster areas. The positive growth after a traumatic event like a hurricane or a tornado can be expressed in numerous ways by survivors including a change in spiritual beliefs or emphasis on religion in their lives, a newfound personal strength, an appreciation for others, and improved relationships with community members, friends, and family.

There is no doubt that living through these natural disasters is a life-altering experience. While these post traumatic growth changes are positive, they can be stressful as well. The challenges, unknowns, and adjustments that are required as a result of personal growth can leave the person feeling worried or overwhelmed by their new feelings or patterns of belief. Asking for help with these positive changes and the stress that comes along with them is healthy and encouraged. Acknowledging that these new situations and feelings bring stress can help reduce the amount of anxiety that surrounds these changes and also help you identify where your feelings of stress and pressure are coming from.

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Best Raleigh, NC PTSD Therapy for 2018

Overcoming trauma in your life, whether it is related to a natural disaster, the loss of a loved one, being the victim of violence or any other life-altering situation, can be difficult. While the ability to see the positives in the experience may not be there right away, with some healing, the positive changes and personal growth may come. For some people, focusing on positive change and growth is the way they cope with these situations. For others it is about finding something to focus on as they move towards life after trauma. If you or a loved one have experienced a traumatic situation and are struggling to put it behind you, Legacy Freedom of Raleigh can help.

Our caring and compassionate staff has helped thousands of clients put their trauma behind them and work towards healing. We treat the whole person, not just the mental health issues that are stemming from this life-altering experience. From food and nutrition counseling to physical therapy to talk therapy and alternative treatments, our care team offers you the most inclusive healing approach to your mental health care needs. Call or click today to find out how our affordable Raleigh, NC PTSD therapy can help you transform your life.


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