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Group therapy has been a core aspect of drug and alcohol addiction recovery for decades, and has proven to be very effective for a variety of reasons. Being in a group therapy setting means having several other people cheer you on and help you set and achieve goals toward your drug or alcohol addiction recovery. Groups help establish a system of trust and camaraderie with others while sharing similar struggles and victories. A lot of times you'll find yourself begin to focus on others' needs which, in one way or another, helps you with your own problems.

Members in your group may bring up a challenge which he or she is struggling with. You might have an identical situation, only you see the problem from your own perspective. When looking at someone else’s issue, you might see your own problem in a new light. Suddenly, something that was very challenging has an obvious solution. We’ve experienced many people begin to talk through a problem or situation they are dealing with, only to “stumble” upon the exact answer for which they were searching. In some cases, simply describing your problem aloud to a group can lead you to a resolution. In other cases, you may experience reaffirmation that you're not alone and others are dealing with very similar issues.

Working in a group is a great way to experiment with new behaviors. You can “try out” new ways of thinking and relating in a safe environment prior to putting it into action in the real world. You will also quickly abandon misleading myths where you are alone in your assessment of the situation, including disparate feelings and thoughts. It is highly likely that several other people will share your experience in the group. Working with a drug and alcohol dependency group at Legacy is one of the most natural ways to overcome a problem, including addiction and substance abuse. We work together with others at work and in our families; so why would dealing with our problems be any different? People are built to learn and grow in the presence of others. It's just how we are designed.

Group Therapy that Works!

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