Post Holiday Blues

Depression Therapy In Charlotte, NCNow that the holiday season is over and the new year is underway many people are beginning to feel the post holiday blues. Months of parties, planning, and preparation have left many people feeling less than festive now that the tree has been put away and their regular work and life schedule has resumed. Making the transition out of the holiday mindset is difficult for many. If you find yourself facing a case of the blahs, know that you are not alone. A recent study found that 76% of workers reported a surge of stress as they reported back to work. Here are some tips for beating the blues as you return to reality. Do you need depression therapy in Charlotte, NC in 2018? Legacy can help you. Please call us today to learn more.

Focus on Self Care: Returning to a routine can help break up the post holiday funk. Reclaiming regular workouts, diet, and shifting your focus towards doing the things that make you feel good can be very uplifting.

Count Your Blessings: It is easy to get lost in the drama that happened over the holidays or dwell on what didn't go right. Focusing on these negatives can push you further into the blues. Instead, shift your focus to what you enjoyed most about your holiday season and give thanks for those moments and memories.

Reconnect with Friends: Even the closest friends can be too busy to connect during the holidays. The absence of these important people in your life can leave you feeling pretty blue. Set a lunch date or meet for a workout to change your focus from your woes to your goals and enjoy the company of someone who you may not have had as much contact with because of the holiday.

Fill Up Your Schedule: Give yourself things to look forward to throughout the year. Family vacations, trips, concerts, or events scheduled in advance can help you get through the bleak time after the holidays by giving you a chance to shift your planning energy into smaller events.

Keep Up the Holiday Spirit: Just because the holidays are over doesn't mean the spirit of holidays has to end. Perform random acts of kindness throughout the year to give yourself a boost when you are feeling down. Researchers have shown that random acts of kindness boost the mood of the person who performs the kindness more than the person who receives the kindness.

The Best Depression Therapy In Charlotte, NC for 2018

Still struggling to let go of the holidays? Legacy Freedom of Charlotte can help. Our holistic approach to mental health care has helped thousands of clients overcome their post-holiday blues, depression, anxiety, PTSD, and other mental health issues. By combining traditional talk therapy, group therapy, and alternative treatments our care team creates a plan of treatment that comprehensively addresses your needs.

Legacy Freedom offers more than ten different alternative therapy types for clients to choose from for depression therapy in Charlotte, NC. No matter what your needs are, we have a therapy that will help you get to the root of your post holiday blues and teach you new ways to cope with these underlying feelings.

Stop letting the blues keep you from doing what you love. Call or click to connect with the care team from Legacy Freedom. Let us show you how good you can feel with holistic treatment from our outpatient facility. Don't wait, start today!

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