Paying for Rehab When You Don’t Have Insurance

raleigh drug rehabFor many addicts, the cost of getting sober is what stands in their way of choosing to leave their addiction behind. When you are finally ready to leave the life of drug or alcohol dependency behind, the last thing you want to be worried about is how you will afford to get the help you need. Getting sober can come with a hefty price tag, but that doesn't mean that seeking professional help to break your addiction is out of reach. There are multiple ways to get the addiction recovery treatment you need without relying on your insurance company to foot the bill. If getting sober and leaving the life of excess behind is something that you are serious about, there are options available that many people have never considered. For the best Raleigh drug rehab this summer, trust Legacy Freedom. Call us today.

Take Out a Small Loan
Private loan companies offer a wide range of loan options to help you pay for drug or alcohol treatment programs. If you have a job and steady income, seeking out a personal loan to help you afford the treatment you need may be your best option. When it comes to selecting a loan package, choose one that gives you enough time to focus on your recovery without having to worry about a loan payment. Also, pay attention to things like the minimum required payments, the payment due date, and the annual percentage rate for your loan. Taking the time to find the best loan for your budget and lifestyle helps eliminate the stress you'll experience in the crucial initial recovery stages.

Use a Credit Card
A credit card can help get the process started while you seek other financial options. Choosing to put your treatment on your card can help you float the costs of recovery while you are in treatment. You won't have to worry about managing and paying off that money until you are sober and are significantly more prepared to tackle financial responsibilities. Many facilities offer a discounted rate for paying for your services in cash. However, it is essential to understand the terms of your credit card such as interest rate, minimum monthly payment, and any annual fees associated with holding the card. Failing to comply with your cardholder agreement or exceeding the limit of your credit card can ruin your credit, but if you can manage the minimum payments while you are receiving treatment, when you are in a healthier and sober state you'll be able to pay off the balance.

Medicare or Medicaid
If you qualify for either of these programs, there is a strong chance that you can receive treatment at little to no cost. There will likely be a deductible that you are required to meet before the treatment is fully covered, but many people are able to put the deductible amount on a credit card and pay it off over time. There are rules about which facilities you can use and what services are covered, but for those who don't have the ability to get a loan or who live on a fixed income, this option may be the best.

Grants or Financial Aid
Some facilities offer patients who cannot afford treatment financial aid or grants to get the help they need. While these programs have a limited amount of funds available each year, talking with the facility directly can help you understand what options are available and may be able to connect you with other financial resources in the community that can help you fund your Raleigh drug rehab.

Reduced Rates
Depending on your income and whether you pay cash for your services, many treatment programs will offer you the option to pay a discounted rate or give you services on a sliding scale. While there may be a wait list for treatment in these centers because of their ability to offer reduced cost services, some programs provide counseling while you wait.

Loan from a Family Member
Your loved ones want what is best for you but asking family for financial support to get treatment for your addiction may not be an option. The toll that addiction takes on your relationships can make it difficult to approach your relatives to help you pay for treatment. Those who have used this option before for treatment attempts may find that their request is meant with hostility and anger. However, if you have a good relationship with your family or you are trying to get clean for the first time, asking for the financial support you need from those you love can be a great option. Make sure that you are clear on what the terms of receiving assistance are, whether the amount will need to be repaid, if there will be interest on the loan, and what the monthly payment is.

Outpatient Raleigh Drug Rehab You Can Trust

At Legacy Freedom, we know that addiction is complicated and paying for it can be even more so. Asking for the help you need and finding the resources to turn your life around can be difficult. Our care team is here to help you navigate the options available to you for paying for your Raleigh drug rehab. Don't lose hope because you feel like you can't afford to get clean.

Understanding the root of your addiction is the beginning of unraveling the grip that drugs or alcohol have on your life. Together with your therapist, you will discover what makes you feel the need to escape into drugs or alcohol to cope and learn new healthy ways to overcome those negative thoughts and feelings. By combining alternative treatment methods with traditional one on one and group therapy, we offer a holistic approach to addiction treatment that has proven successful for thousands of clients. Each client works closely with a Life Purpose Coach and their care team to create a treatment plan that is designed with their individual goals and interests in mind.

Getting started with treatment for your substance addiction is easy. Call or click to connect with our care team and begin your healing journey with holistic substance abuse treatment from Legacy Freedom Raleigh . Let us help you finance your Raleigh drug rehab!


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