More Signs of Passive-Aggressive Behaviors

mental health facilities in Charlotte, NCWelcome back to our continuing look at identifying passive-aggressive behaviors. In our previous post, we examined the many ways that people express their feelings in passive-aggressive ways. Through insults veiled as compliments to playing the victim, this hostile and damaging pattern of behavior can leave the target feeling insecure, attacked, and depressed. However, many people struggle with identifying the actions because they often think that the issue is with them, not the other person. Understanding the way that passive-aggressive behavior manifests can help you confront the behavior and address this power struggle between you and the aggressor. Legacy Freedom is one of the top mental health facilities in Charlotte, NC. Call now to learn more.

Passive-aggressiveness manifests in:

  • The withholding of intimacy
  • Sarcastic comments
  • Critical comments
  • Denial of praise or acknowledgment of accomplishments
  • Refusing to do something that is asked of them
  • Being late on purpose for an important event
  • Giving the silent treatment

These behaviors can be intentional because the passive-aggressive person desires conflict and is looking for a way that they can be portrayed as the victim in the situation. On the other hand, those who are afraid of friction are more likely to be passive-aggressive. Dealing with these people can be exhausting to you mentally, physically, and emotionally.

Here are some helpful tips on how to deal with someone who is passive-aggressive:

Set Clear Boundaries
Make it known that you won't tolerate the passive-aggressive behaviors. Setting limits for what is and is not acceptable and then sticking to it helps you keep clear boundaries and not allow the other person to bully you into submission.

See the Behavior for What It Is
Passive-aggressive behavior is a sign of hostility. Once you know what it is and can identify the behavior patterns, you will not be easily fooled by the manipulative tactics that the passive-aggressive person uses to make themselves feel superior to you.

Be Assertive When You Communicate
Being assertive in your communication style and nonreactive gives you a sense of confidence when you are confronted with passive-aggressive blame, accusations, or denials. It's not about getting your way. It is about collaborating to settle disagreements or find mutual ground in a situation so that both parties feel a sense of win-win.

Be Specific About the Issue
When confrontation arises, be as specific as you can about the issue at hand. If the silent treatment gets on your nerves, give a specific example when the silent treatment was used in a hostile way. Addressing the behavior and providing direct feedback about the actions that are making things difficult leaves no way for the passive-aggressive person to dispute what you are saying.

Holistic Mental Health Facilities in Charlotte, NC

When someone you love uses passive-aggressive behaviors against you, your sense of self-worth and confidence can suffer. Many people who have partners or loved ones who communicate this way regularly feel like the problem is with them, or that they have done something to deserve this treatment. The reality is that being the victim of passive-aggressive behaviors can leave you feeling anxious, depressed, or even struggling with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Legacy Freedom of Charlotte can help you overcome these negative thoughts and feelings and learn to communicate with your loved one in a way that will protect your mental health and allow you to resolve complex issues.

Our holistic approach to mental health care combines traditional talk therapy with alternative treatment methods that can help you develop positive coping techniques. With more than ten alternative treatment options available, you and your care team will be able to create a plan of care that is tailored to your needs and therapy goals. Group therapy is available, and sessions can include family members, loved ones, or peers to help you find the support and understanding you need as you work through these painful emotions.

Stop feeling like someone's emotional punching bag and take control of your mental health with holistic psychological health treatments from Legacy Freedom. The confidential and compassionate care you've been searching for is just a call or click away! Take back control of your life today at one of the best mental health facilities in Charlotte, NC!




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