Parents and Depression During the School Year

Mental Health Therapist in Columbus, OHBrand new shoes, backpacks loaded with freshly sharpened pencils and colorful crayons bring relief to some parents. While many are excited to see their children off to school and return to a routine in their home, other parents struggle with the back-to-school blues. Whether it's because your baby is finally starting school or you're lamenting the freedom of summer coming to an end, more and more parents are reporting an increased occurrence of depression when it's time for back to school. If you need to speak with a highly qualified mental health therapist in Columbus, OH, call Legacy Freedom today!

Studies have shown that a whopping 84 percent of mothers will be feeling the blues as the buses pull away on the first day of school. Many moms choose to head back into the workforce as their children reach school age. This can add another dimension of stress to the sadness that these women feel. Many report feelings of guilt and anxiety. So how do parents combat these feelings? Some parents choose to focus on planning special getaways for fall and spring break or saving vacation time to extend the holiday break between Christmas and the new year.

Stay-at-home parents are often the hardest hit by this transitional period. Without work deadlines or coworkers to help distract them, moms and dads who are at home are more likely to fall into the blahs as the school bell rings. Researchers noted that even the family pets are affected by the kids returning to school. Pet owners report that when the children leave for school and a new routine is established in their homes, 51 percent of pets exhibited a notable change in behavior.

What to do?

Before you pack up those lunches and scoot to the bus stop, make a plan for handling the stress and the emotions you'll feel on the first day. Remember that your emotions can make your child feel upset or uncertain; not the message you want to send to your little one who is starting school for the very first time. Instead, find a way to deal with your emotions beforehand or enlist a friend to help you with the first day drop off and run interference for you if things get to be a little too much. It's okay to cry and feel sad, but try to avoid doing it in front of your children.

Instead of staying at home being upset, go volunteer at the school. Not only will you have a chance to catch a glimpse of your kiddo throughout the day you'll also get the opportunity to connect with other parents and get to know the staff as well. Parents may also find other opportunities in the community to put their skills to use.

Even more, parents who have been at home with kids and now have some free time should feel encouraged to follow other interests, rejoin the workforce, or continue their education. Unsure of what you want to pursue? There's no rush to decide. Trying out different opportunities to find the right fit for you can be fun! Click here for part two.

Qualified Mental Health Therapist in Columbus, OH

If you feel that your back to school blues are lasting longer than they should, it's time to call a mental health therapist in Columbus, OH you can trust. Our expert staff understands that making the transition from summer to school or a stay-at-home parent to the empty nest can be difficult. Managing the depression and anxiety you may be feeling can be overwhelming. Let Legacy Freedom of Columbus help you create a holistic mental health plan that focuses on you, not just your mental health care needs. Getting to the root of your depression or anxiety can help you understand how to cope and teach you ways to manage your feelings and the situations that are causing you to feel anxious or depressed.

What are you waiting for? Call or click to connect with a top mental health therapist in Columbus, OH today!

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