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Therapist in Raleigh, NCAs we continue to look at social anxiety disorder, it is important to understand that this disorder can be accompanied by additional mental health issues. While some of these co-occurring disorders can be mild, when combined with a long-established pattern of social anxiety disorder, it can be difficult to untangle where one diagnosis ends and the other begins. When this is the case, choosing a mental health treatment program that treats the entire person, not just their mental illness, is crucial for overcoming both the primary disorder and the co-occurring disorders. If you need a therapist in Raleigh, NC in 2018 that you can trust, reach out to Legacy for help.

Poor Self-Esteem
With the amount of social isolation that people with social anxiety disorder experience, it is no wonder that they struggle with their self-esteem. Avoiding social situations over deep seeded fears of being judged by others or being afraid of what others think will have a significant impact on the self-esteem of an individual.

Social phobias can make it difficult to focus on the good things. When depression accompanies social anxiety disorder it can leave the person feeling worthless, hopeless about the future, and experiencing chronically low moods. Depression can also manifest with physical symptoms like appetite disturbances, insomnia, and hypersomnia. If you are struggling with suicidal thoughts or your mood does not improve, seek professional help.

Dependence on Alcohol or Drugs
Having a drink to loosen up and feel more social or popping a pill to take the edge off your anxiety is not the answer. Becoming dependent on alcohol or drugs to be able to function in social situations can lead to a long-term substance abuse problem. Instead of relying on these substances, learn positive coping mechanisms to deal with your feelings of fear and anxiety.

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Quality Therapist in Raleigh, NC for 2018

At Legacy Freedom of Raleigh, we have helped thousands of clients learn to overcome their fear of social situations and learn positive ways to cope with social phobias and anxiety. By combining traditional talk therapy and alternative treatment methods, Legacy has developed a holistic approach to mental health care that delivers unmatched results. We believe in treating the whole person, not just their social phobias.

During your treatment program, you will have access to nutrition counseling, physical therapy, one-on-one and group therapy as well as alternative treatments like adventure therapy, equine-assisted therapy, and inner child work. Together with your care team, you can create a plan of care that both meets your therapeutic goals and challenges you to broaden your boundaries.

If you experience rapid heart rate, sweating, dizziness, the urge to escape, shaking, difficulty concentrating, or nausea when you are in a social situation, you may be struggling with social anxiety disorder. Don't let this fear keep you from living your life. Call or click to connect with our experienced and compassionate therapist in Raleigh, NC today!

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