How to Overcome Social Anxiety

Therapists in Raleigh, NCSocial anxiety cripples thousands of people each year and makes even the most basic everyday living activities like going to work, eating out, or shopping intolerable. Many people who struggle with social anxiety disorder choose to avoid social situations entirely or rely on drugs or alcohol to self-medicate so that they can attend social functions. Overcoming social anxiety disorder is possible, and the condition is treatable. Identifying the disorder in yourself or someone else can ensure that you are receiving the care and help that you need to learn new ways to cope with your disorder. Searching for therapists in Raleigh, NC in 2018? Call Legacy now!

Those who struggle with social anxiety disorder may be all too familiar with the rapid heart rate, shortness of breath, or blushing red face that always seems to appear when they are in public. These physical signs of social anxiety can be accompanied by feelings of dizziness, nausea, or sweating. Experiencing these symptoms can only add to the panic and anxiety that people feel when they are in uncomfortable situations.

Learning to overcome the anxieties you have about being in large groups or social settings can be difficult. Those who become anxious in social situations naturally avoid them. However, understanding why you avoid these situations is key to overcoming the building anxiety you feel as the event approaches. Identify the interactions in each situation that cause you to feel anxious or afraid. If making small talk or walking into a party causes you to feel anxious, thinking about how you will start a conversation or anticipating the feelings of discomfort that you will experience can actually help lessen the fear and anxiety you feel.

Confronting your anxiety by practicing doing what makes you anxious can help you learn that there is no need to fear the things that you become anxious about doing. Once you have pushed yourself outside your comfort zone and done something that was uncomfortable for you, instead of critiquing everything that went wrong, focus on what went right. Congratulate yourself for facing your fears and tolerating your discomfort long enough to be in the moment.

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Is social anxiety making you feel trapped in your own life? Legacy Freedom of Raleigh can help. For thousands of clients, our holistic approach to mental health care has been the key to helping those with social anxiety disorder learn new ways to cope with their anxiety and overcome the fears that keep them from enjoying their lives. Our program combines alternative treatments like equine-assisted therapy, EMDR, and inner child work with the traditional therapies of talk and group therapy in order to provide a complete approach to your mental health care. By getting to the root of your anxiety, we can help you overcome your fear and discomfort in social situations and give you the skills you need to be present in your own life again.

Talking about your mental health needs can be scary. Our compassionate and experienced staff is ready to listen and help you begin your plan of care. Call or click to connect today and let our therapists in Raleigh, NC help you take control of your anxiety and get back to living your best life today!

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