More Than Fifty Percent of All Opioid Prescriptions Assigned to Mental Health Patients, Part Three

Greensboro NC Drug RehabWe've all heard about the opioid crisis that is sweeping our nation. It's something that is being monitored by officials. Everyone is working towards finding a solution to the problem. Even the President of the United States has been talking about this epidemic and how to fight it, as well. For Greensboro NC drug rehab that you can trust, call Legacy Freedom for help.

Unfortunately, many people are using opioids for all the wrong reasons. Sometimes, it's for recreational use, but other times, it's because a doctor has prescribed it. Even more worrisome, these physicians are prescribing the medication for reasons other than what they're intended for; pain relief.

The CDC is working hard to bring awareness to this problem. As we've talked about in previous blogs in this series, doctors are now prescribing opioids to help fight mental illness.

Using medicines like opioids for a diagnosis other than pain related issues is dangerous. Even those that take it for pain run the risk of addiction, overdose and other serious problems.

The CDC states the following about using opioids for uses other than what they're intended for:

  • Primary care clinicians report having concerns about opioid pain medication misuse, find managing patients with chronic pain stressful, express concern about patient addiction, and report insufficient training in prescribing opioids.
  • Across specialties, physicians believe that opioid pain medication can be effective in controlling pain, that addiction is a common consequence of prolonged use, and that long-term opioid therapy often is overprescribed for patients with chronic noncancer pain.
  • These attitudes and beliefs, combined with increasing trends in opioid-related overdose, underscore the need for better clinician guidance on prescribing opioids.
  • Clinical practice guidelines focused on prescribing can improve clinician knowledge, change prescribing practices, and ultimately benefit patient health.

Holistic Greensboro NC Drug Rehab

If you or someone you care about has become addicted to opioids or other drugs that were prescribed by a doctor, Legacy Freedom can help. Call today and ask about our outpatient programs for Greensboro drug rehab and treatment. We offer holistic, alternative therapy that works.

It's important to never stop taking medication abruptly, especially if what you're taking is habit forming. The repercussions of doing this alone can be dangerous. Legacy Freedom can help you detox. Our trained specialists are on hand to make sure you come off the drugs in a safe and secure way.

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