How Creative Non-Profits Help Those with Mental Illness

Raleigh mental healthFinding a creative outlet can can help those who struggle with a mental illness cope. Across the country, non-profit organizations are incorporating art into programs that benefit those who are battling psychiatric disorders. These valuable organizations seek to help individuals express themselves, find hope, and learn to cope with their struggles by creating. Knowing about and sharing these valuable resources with those who you know are struggling can help them find their own creative voice in their healing journey. In addition to creative outlets that help facilitate the awareness of mentally ill artists, those who struggle with their Raleigh mental health may find that helping others learn to use art as a therapeutic method is helpful for them as well.

The Fountain Gallery

Based in New York City, the gallery houses works by artists with mental illnesses. The original works are for sale and the organization collaborates with a network of cultural institutions, curators, and artists across the country. With six in-house exhibitions a year, the Fountain Gallery helps connect artists with mental illnesses to special exhibits and private collectors. Works that have been featured at the Fountain Gallery are part of more than 400 public and private collections.

Art Therapy

According to the American Art Therapy Association self-discovery, self-expression, and emotional growth are fostered by programs that are dedicated to helping those with mental illness. For those with mental illnesses who are interested in becoming an art therapist, the potential impact is astounding. Being able to work with those in the mentally ill community can be therapeutic for both client and therapist. The creative process helps explore unresolved feelings, settle emotional conflicts, and manage behaviors.

Aurora Studio & Gallery

Located in picturesque Asheville, North Carolina, the Aurora Studio & Gallery is home to healing arts instructors, local artists, and classes for artists who have mental health needs, are homeless, or addicted. Since 2013 the studio has offered classes to artists in recovery. Supplies and studio time are supplied to those who may not otherwise be able to afford to create. The community support and unique structure of the organization allow artists to heal, thrive, and grow.

Our Phoenix Rises

Founded by Mrs. Phoebe Margill-Nix, this non-profit organization helps connect those struggling with mental illness, addiction, or a history of sexual violence to grants for education in the arts. By connecting individuals with these funds, recipients are encouraged to better themselves and their communities by sharing their stories and experiencing personal growth.

Your Raleigh Mental Health Is Important

At Legacy Freedom of Raleigh combining traditional talk therapy with alternative treatment methods like art therapy, equine-assisted therapy, and tai chi can help break down the barriers that many of our clients put up to protect themselves. Whether you have struggled with your mental illness for years or are newly diagnosed, our care team can help you begin your healing journey.

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