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Are you worried about holiday triggers this season? Are you a newly recovered addict or someone who has been working on it for years? Either way, triggers are real. They can hit us when we least expect it. Being prepared and identifying them early-on is the only way to battle them. We know that clubs, bars, old friends or family members that we used to use drugs or alcohol with or being around drugs or alcohol are common triggers. What about the ones that aren't so obvious? In our last blog post we talked about things like frustration, depression and other things that can also be a holiday trigger. Below, you'll find more that you should be aware of.

Triggers During the Holiday Season | Drug Rehab Charlotte NC

Self-Pity. This goes right along with the holiday blues we talked about in our previous blog post. Whether you’re depressed about not being able to drink for fear it will cause a trigger or feeling like a victim because no one understands your recovery or addiction, self-pity can be a serious trigger that might hit you before you know it. Be sure to stay positive. Don’t let the blues get you down, no matter what is causing them.

Stress. This is a serious trigger that many people have trouble avoiding during the holidays. If you're in charge of a holiday meal or have to buy tons presents for family and friends, you might be dealing with stress. Those that are worried about their recovery are stressed as well. Take time to relax during the holidays. Don't let stress be the reason you ruin your productivity in recovery. Talk walks, exercise, get a massage or go out to dinner during busy times of the year to help relieve the stress.

How do you plan to handle holiday triggers? Identifying anything that can cause a relapse alone will help. If you're prone to get stressed, frustrated or depressed, find ways to fight those emotions before they surface. Start a new routine, just for the holidays if you think it might help. Schedule in exercise, time for yourself, time with friends and family, as well as time with a support group that is going through the same things.

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