How to Tell If Someone Is Using Meth

Drug Treatment In ColumbusOne of the hardest things for family and friends to realize is that their loved one might be using drugs and could be addicted. Once you become suspicious then you have to find the evidence to back it up. This can prove to be the problematic part. Most drug abusers will take enormous measures to hide their problem. There will be tell-tale signs to look for depending on the drug or drugs being used. This post will look specifically at methamphetamine abuse and what you can look for to tell if someone is using it. For the best drug treatment in Columbus, call Legacy.

Figuring out whether or not a person is using meth is not hard to do. There are some serious symptoms you will be able to spot. Of course it also will depend on how long they have been using meth. Meth abuse will lead to an addiction so the sooner you spot it the better. Some users will convince themselves, and you, that their use is purely recreational. However, addiction will overtake them before they realize they are addicted. The following are some symptoms to look for if you suspect an addiction.

  1.  A drastic change in physical appearance is a huge indicator of meth addiction. Someone who normally is particular about their appearance will begin to look unkempt and not well groomed. An addict does not have time for personal grooming or just gets so caught up in feeding their habit they stop their normal everyday routine of showering and putting on clean clothes. Meth addiction causes sores as well. These can be on the body or face. Often the addict will continually pick at the sores. These sores do not heal very fast so it is a big indicator for meth use. Some will either gain or lose weight in a short period of time. As the addiction continues dental problems will also develop.
  2. The physical symptoms of meth addiction are easier to recognize. These will include constant sniffing, bloodshot eyes, itching, injection marks, and dilated pupils. Hair loss and loose skin are other physical symptoms. Although there are more physical symptoms these will manifest pretty quickly and be most telling.
  3. A person's sleep pattern may also change. A meth user may sleep more than before. They may also fall asleep while eating or conversing with you. Some will also be more awake at night but want to sleep during the daytime hours. Still many will seem to not sleep at any time. As the addiction progresses they may appear to never get any sleep and always be up.
  4. The mood of an addict will also change. Someone who was always talking and seemed to have a great time will suddenly become quieter. Someone who was shy or quiet may suddenly become animated and loud. Either of these mood swings is cause for alarm. Knowing their personality makes it easier to spot a problem sooner.
  5. An addict may withdraw and isolate themselves from others, even loved ones. You may see signs of paranoia as the addiction becomes stronger. You may catch them whispering a conversation on the phone. As they withdraw they may become extremely private and will lock doors, tell you little about their business, and pull away from the relationship.
  6. When it comes to the drug itself you will see other things taking place. People you do not know may begin to come and go from the home. It will be a really short visit. The visits will likely be random and can occur both day and night. This will likely be a drug sale or buy. This is a common occurrence you will want to watch for. It can also be a dangerous occurrence. Never confront people you do not know. Get law enforcement's help if needed. Do not put yourself in the path of dangerous people or situations.
  7. A big sign will be drug paraphernalia. Finding this is usually the confirmation you will need to confront the meth user. This can include needles, syringes, pipes, and other items used to inject or to smoke meth. Although you find hard evidence of the addiction you must remember most addicts will not be truthful even when you show them what you have found. They will lie to hide their addiction as long as they can.
  8. Some other things worth noting are a decline in motor skills, memory loss, infections, impotence, malnutrition, and psychosis. More damaging for an addict are the risks of homelessness, financial ruin, and loss of family and friends.

The worst case scenario for an addict is the very real danger of a heart attack, coma, stroke, or even death. Keeping yourself informed about meth and what it looks like, how is it used, and what the symptoms are will help you decide if a loved one is using. Meth is also known as speed, chalk, ice, and crystal meth. It can be injected, smoked, snorted, or taken orally. Smoking it is the most common way to use it. The effect obtained from the initial rush does not last long which is why it is easy to want more and then addiction begins.

Opiod abuse has reached an all time high and is still a rising problem in this country. Meth is one of the worst drugs because abusers quickly become drawn in and are addicted rapidly. If you suspect someone you love is addicted encourage them to get the help they need. Always keep in mind that someone in the grips of an addiction can become violent and aggressive. Their mind is not the same and the person you knew is different. Always be cautious and seek help if needed.

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