Mental Health Red Flags

Mental Health Therapist in Columbus, OHChances are that you feel like you know a fair bit about mental health. From news articles, Facebook posts, and public service announcements, the conversation surrounding mental health and mental health awareness is at an all-time roar. However, there are signs and symptoms of mental illness that nearly everyone misses. While these symptoms and signs can be subtle, knowing what to look for can help someone you care about to get the help they need when they need it most. Many times those who are exhibiting these red flag behaviors don't know or understand why they are doing what they are doing. It's up to those around them to help open their eyes, have those challenging conversations, and encourage them to seek the treatment they need. If you, or a loved one needs to speak with a qualified mental health therapist in Columbus, OH, please connect with Legacy Freedom today.

Now that the holidays have passed, many people are retreating into their comfortable self-care cocoon and returning to their regular routines working out, meeting work deadlines, staying in to recharge or unplugging from social media. While these activities are all healthy, there is the danger that the friend you haven't heard from in awhile is actually struggling with depression and feeling isolated. If you haven't heard from a friend or loved one in a while or you notice a change in their communications, check in with them to make sure they are doing okay.

Groups Make Them Anxious
Social anxiety disorder is real. Feeling out of place or depressed around large groups of people may be a sign that someone is struggling with some form of social anxiety or depression. Learn more about the signs and symptoms of social anxiety in our previous post.

Failure to Perform at Work or School
Missing deadlines, failing tests, or just not doing the work is a serious red flag. Depression can take over even the most motivated overachiever. When their performance is suffering, the chances are that they are too. Recent life events like being passed over for a promotion, the loss of a loved one, or the end of a relationship can send anyone spiraling into a deep depression. Reaching out and asking how they are doing or what is going on is crucial to get them help before their depression evolves even further.

Excessive Apologies
Anxiety has some surprising symptoms that make people act differently than you might expect. Overly anxious people apologize for the smallest thing. Whether it's arriving a few minutes late to a coffee date or stating their opinion in a meeting, anxiety causes them to overthink everything and feel like they are in the wrong even in the most benign social situations. When someone you care about begins to over-apologize, check for other signs that they may be struggling with anxiety.

Overlooking signs and symptoms of mental health concerns won't make them go away. While talking about mental health issues can be an uncomfortable conversation to begin, once you've allowed your friend or loved one to open up to you about their concerns, the healing process can begin.

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