More Mental Health Red Flags

Columbus Mental Health ServicesWelcome back to our continued look at the red flags that can indicate a mental health issue in a friend or loved one. The warning signs of mental illness aren't always obvious like they are in movies or on television. In real life, signs and symptoms of mental health issues may be more subtle and they may not look like a cry for mental health help. We talked about this in our last post. Click here to take a look. The reality is that knowing what uncommon signs and symptoms to look for can help you get your friend or loved one they help they may not know they desperately need. Below, we'll be taking a closer look. If your loved one needs Columbus mental health services to help with a mental illness, reach out to Legacy for help. We care!

Changes in Eating Habits
Eating too much or too little can be indicative of a struggle with depression. Turning to comfort food and overeating regularly to cope with stressful situations or not eating at all in response to the emotional impact of an experience when accompanied by other symptoms can be a red flag for depression.

Difficulties with Daily Stress
Everyday life is filled with stress. From deadlines at work to juggling the demands of home and family, struggling with the daily grind can wear you down. While most people shake it off with a walk, a chat with a friend, or indulging in a rare treat, those who cannot seem to shake loose of the daily burdens and allow themselves to be overwhelmed are in need of help. Panic attacks, general anxiety, and depression can evolve from being unable to cope with daily stress. Regularly checking in with your loved ones and getting a general idea of their state of mind can help you judge whether they are just having a rough day or whether they are living in a constant state of stress.

Over Sensitivity
Are you usually cool as a cucumber but lately you're finding yourself flying off the handle? Excessive stress can leave you feeling short-tempered. If this mood persists, you may be struggling with your mental health.

Knowing if your moods or behaviors are following a pattern can be difficult if you live alone or are far away from family members. Friends may step in and tell you but if you find yourself becoming concerned, keep a mood diary for a week. Note any patterns or regular behaviors that you are noticing. A log of your moods can help you explain to your mental health provider what you have been experiencing.

In our last post in this series, we'll be taking a final look at the last few red flags on our list. Please join us.

Affordable Outpatient Columbus Mental Health Services for 2018

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