Mental Health Ignorance

Did you know that a lack of awareness about mental health conditions and behaviors can delay treatment for yourself or a loved one? A study conducted by Michigan State University published in 2017 found that in general Americans lack awareness about significant mental health issues like depression and anxiety. The study involved nearly 4,600 participants, and less than half of them could recognize signs of anxiety. Increasing public awareness about mental health conditions can lead to more timely treatment.

Increasing public awareness about mental health can also help reduce the stigma associated with receiving mental health care. The Anxiety and Depression Association of American (ADAA) conducted a Mental Health and Suicide Study in 2015 that involved more than 2,000 participants. While respondents saw value in receiving mental health care, many are challenged by barriers to access. The ADAA report also revealed that only 52% of the study participants recognized that anxiety disorders are a risk factor for suicide.

While a lack of awareness delays treatment and can make the condition worse, the situation is further complicated by a lack of funding for mental health outreach in many areas. As more and more people struggle with anxiety and depression, it becomes increasingly important to correct common misconceptions about mental health disorders and erase the stigma associated with getting help. Throughout the United States, suicide rates are on the rise and the number of people being treated for mental health conditions continues to climb. Through education of the general public, a more compassionate and supportive environment can be created for those who struggle with their mental health.

The care team at Legacy Freedom knows that asking for mental health help or talking about your mental health with your friends or loved ones can be difficult. Whether you are struggling with your mental health as the result of a new life change like the loss of a loved one or the birth of a child or you have been struggling with your mental health in silence for years, we can help. Our holistic approach to mental health care has helped thousands of clients find a diagnosis and a way to cope with these negative thoughts and feelings. By combining traditional and alternative treatment methods, Legacy Freedom is able to treat the whole person, not just their mental illness.

Take the first step towards addressing your mental health issues and talk with a trusted friend or family member. Having a good source of support is crucial as you begin your mental health treatment.

Getting started with the mental health help you need and deserve is easy. Call or click to connect to our care team and begin your healing journey with Legacy Freedom. Don't spend another day struggling to cope. Confidential and compassionate mental health care is waiting for you!

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