Mental Health and Loneliness

Depression Therapy In Charlotte, NCDid you know that specific mental health disorders feed on loneliness? Lack of human connection can easily exacerbate mental illness, but what happens when your mental illness forces you to pull away from friends, loved ones, and coworkers? In today's post, we'll look at the relationship between mental health and loneliness. Don't let loneliness get you down! Call Legacy Freedom. Ask about our programs for depression therapy In Charlotte, NC.

Social Anxiety
Whether your discomfort is caused by getting to know someone new or you are lonely because you are physically isolated from people, loneliness and social anxiety feed each other. Loneliness and isolation make people feel alone and cause feelings of apprehension about going out and engaging with others. Getting to know new people and forming new relationships may be uncomfortable for you because you are afraid of rejection or are anxious about the process of developing these new connections. The anxiety over making these connections can make you feel unable to leave your safe space and cause you to feel lonely.

Feeling down because you lack close friends is something that has happened to us all. Loneliness and depression go hand in hand. A study conducted by the University of Chicago over five years found that the earlier on in the study people experienced loneliness, the more likely they were to develop depression. Loneliness is more likely to precede depression than depression is to precede depression.

Often thought of as an obsessive-compulsive disorder, filling up one's life and home with stuff echoes an element of heartache and loss. When there are no close friends, family, or loved ones to fill your life, objects may become the way you fill the void. Holding on to objects that fill the emptiness is only a temporary solution. As your loneliness gets more significant, the pile of objects becomes a mountain.

Feeling lonely before you take that first drink or pop the first pill makes you more likely to develop an addiction. Failing to connect with others and feeling isolated hurts. Choosing to numb that pain with drugs and alcohol lends itself to addiction.

Quality Depression Therapy In Charlotte, NC in 2018

Are you struggling with loneliness? Has an addiction, depression, or social anxiety kept you from forming close relationships? Legacy Freedom of Charlotte NC can help. We know that reaching out for help and admitting you're lonely is one of the hardest things to do. We aren't here to judge. Our goal is to listen, to understand, and to help you overcome the mental health issues that are leaving you on the outside of your own life.

Through traditional talk therapy, you and your therapist will work to discover the root of your depression, anxiety, or loneliness. Once you understand why you feel the way you do, learning how to cope with those negative thoughts and feelings is possible. Group therapy offers you the chance to connect with your peers and find support and understanding from others who are struggling with their loneliness, anxiety, or depression.

Healing the pain of loneliness, anxiety, and depression is achieved through working with our onsite dietician and physical therapist. Nourishing your body with good food and proper exercise can help improve your mental health as you complete your therapeutic process. Alternative treatments like tai chi, inner child work, and equine assisted therapy are also available.

Create a care plan that fits your needs and goals with our compassionate staff. Beginning your healing journey starts with a call or a click to connect with our care team. Take back control of your life with Legacy Freedom's reliable depression therapy In Charlotte, NC.


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