The Mental Health of Adult Film Stars

Psychologist in Charlotte, NCLast month, 23 year old adult film star August Ames took her own life. Months before her death, the starlet had spoken openly on a podcast about her struggles with bipolar disorder and depression. After her death, a good friend of the young performer, podcast producer Holly Randall, said that Ames had repeatedly tried to find a good therapist but struggled to do so because of her role in the adult film industry. If you find yourself needing to speak with a qualified psychologist in Charlotte, NC, make the call to Legacy Freedom.

Olivia Nova, a 20 year old performer, was found dead in her Las Vegas home in early January. Nova had only been in the industry a few months before her death and is just one of a sudden rash of XXX stars to be found dead from overdose or suicide. The increased pressures on performers to meet social media demands as well as an increase in physically demanding scenes without increased pay has drawn criticism of the adult industry. Are the studios and producers of these films doing enough to protect performers and their well-being?

Like many other performers, adult film stars carry independent healthcare costs on their own. Many times, these performers make so little per movie that they struggle to afford access to mental health care. The adult industry mandates that each actor or actress must shell out $800 per month to be tested every two weeks to be cleared of sexually transmitted diseases. These tests are required in the industry to be able to book a job.

Industry veterans say that the studios and producers just don't care about the mental health issues or substance abuse problems that their personalities face. A study conducted by the Journal of Sex Research found that adult film performers are no more likely to have experienced childhood sexual abuse than members of the general public. The study did reveal that adult performers were more likely to have had more sexual partners and to have started having sex at a younger age than the general population.

The stigma of being an adult film star coupled with untreated mental health needs often prevents many performers from seeking treatment. The mental health treatment of sex workers is considered to be a specialized field. The Sex Workers Outreach Project (SWOP) helps connect adult film stars with mental health professionals who they have deemed sex worker friendly. They are working to create a community where adult film stars can tune out the stigmas and negative attitudes towards their profession and focus on getting the help they need.

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