Why Are Men Lonely?

Columbus, OH Depression TreatmentThere is a growing epidemic in this country that is impacting men, and it may not be what you would expect. A study conducted by AARP shows that one in three Americans age 45 and older experience chronic loneliness. Why are so many men struggling with feelings of isolation? The roots of this issue are buried, and it begins with the tendency to overschedule and overcommit themselves. Men are fed the idea that they have to be the providers and the breadwinners, and that putting their mortgage and career success ahead of everything else is what makes a man. Instead of shortchanging their work, their kids, or their spouses, men choose to let their friendships falter. As a result, the epidemic of loneliness among men is growing. If you're male and need to talk about it, call Legacy Freedom. Ask us about our alternative Columbus, OH depression treatment.

There are physical as well as mental health consequences that come from being chronically lonely. Men who had stronger relationships with their friends were at a reduced risk for cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Strong friendships keep men from experiencing depression, can reduce anxiety, and stave off loneliness. How did men get so lonely? Studies have identified multiple factors that contribute to this epidemic.

Men Have Few Bonding Opportunities
When you have missed out on opportunities to bond with other men through shared experiences like sports teams, schooling, or military service, there are few opportunities available for men to connect as they age. If you feel like you lack friends, there are opportunities to make new connections by joining a gym, competing in a rec league for sports, or taking up a new hobby that requires you to participate in a group.

Men Are Uncomfortable Being Vulnerable
A lack of close friendships usually results from a lack of real friendships. Sharing feelings and allowing yourself to be vulnerable with someone is not a comfortable thing for most men. While there is no way to know why men do this, being more than just bros with someone can be difficult for many men.

Alpha Male Behaviors
Some men are naturally more confident than others. Men who are not typically alpha are often made to feel lacking because they are not behaving in a manner that meets the expectations of typical male behaviors. As a result, men who are not as aggressive are more likely to choose to withdraw inward and isolate themselves from other men who may be more aggressive.

The Fear of Weakness
Being thought of as weak is one of the greatest fears shared among men. From the time they are young, boys are told to stop whining and suck it up. Rather than talk about their feelings, most men clam up and don't say a word. The result is that many men struggle with feelings of anxiety, depression, or a mix of the two but don't feel like they can talk about it.

Feelings Aren't Talked About
Many men believe that talking about their feelings will be seen as a sign of weakness. Men want to talk about their feelings, but the toxic man constructs that bind them make it impossible for them to discuss how they are feeling. Most guys would rather talk about anything else.

Holistic Columbus, OH Depression Treatment

Are you a man who struggles with loneliness? Has your loneliness turned into depression or anxiety that makes it difficult for you to cope? Legacy Freedom and our holistic approach to Columbus, OH depression treatment can help. Getting started is easy. Call or click to connect with our care team and begin your healing journey with quality mental health counseling from Legacy Freedom of Columbus.



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