Meeting Your Ex’s New Partner

Psychologist in Columbus, OHWhether your divorce left you as good friends or you have a close co-parenting relationship, meeting your ex's new partner can be difficult. No matter why your relationship ended, meeting the man or woman who is now with someone you once cared for can stir up lots of negative emotions and leave you feeling anxious and depressed. However, being given the option to meet your former partner's new love interest before your kid does or before there is an awkward social moment is an option you should take. No matter how difficult it may be for you, pulling yourself together and approaching the situation with the intent of learning about this new person and focusing your energy on what you can control about the meeting may help you work through the feelings of anxiety that you are feeling. If you need to speak with a caring psychologist in Columbus, OH, call Legacy Freedom for help.

While it may seem difficult to do, consider that the person you are about to meet is most likely feeling just as anxious about meeting you. The idea of sitting down with you may be leaving him or her filled with self-doubt. If you have children with your ex, the new romantic interest is probably feeling like they have big shoes to fill.

You are entirely entitled to feel anxious, angry, and depressed about meeting this new person but before you pass judgment there are a few things to consider.

Give Some Grace
During your initial meeting, this new person may come off as cold, or they could act strangely. Chalking this up to them being just as nervous as you are and giving them some grace before you pass judgment is vital. Chances are neither of you are comfortable.

Keep It Casual
When meeting for the first time, keep things light and meet for lunch or coffee. Avoid meeting for drinks or at a bar. Alcohol can intensify feelings of anxiety or depression and may lead you to say or do things you normally wouldn't. Remember that your actions are going to help dictate how this relationship goes.

Ask and Listen
While you probably want to know everything about this person, especially if they will be around your children, this isn't an interrogation. Asking questions about them and their life and other children can tell you a lot about them. Offer information and share about yourself in return, don't just fire off another question. Focus on neutral questions like what they do for work, hobbies, and favorite travel destinations.

Make Your Good Intentions Clear
Help break the ice by communicating that you want things to get off to a good start and that keeping things peaceful for everyone involved is important to you. Not only will it show respect, but it will also let them know that you intend to keep things civil for the sake of everyone involved. Ensuring that your interactions are friendly will make the situation easier for everyone.

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If you are still struggling with feelings of depression after the end of your relationship and are having trouble moving on, Legacy Freedom of Columbus can help. Our care team knows how important it is to regain control of your emotions after the end of a relationship. Our holistic approach to mental health care can help you move past your break up and focus on living your life. By combining traditional talk therapy and alternative treatment methods, you will learn healthy ways to cope with your depression and discover the root of your mental health issues.

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